What Is Asian Handicap Betting?

Almost every player in Asia when betting on football will choose the Asian handicap. This type of handicap has a high odds of winning, in addition there is a variety of markets for players to use. So what is the Asian handicap and what kind of small handicap does it have, let’s find out with Ufabetsg.com.

What Is Asian Handicap Betting?

What Is Asian Handicap in Football Betting?

The Asian Handicap is a bookie based on the analysis of the strength of the two teams to give the handicap between the two teams. That way the match will have a balance, balance and players are also easier to bet. In the Asian market, this type of market is chosen by many players. In addition, the Asian handicap is also the foundation of many types of markets such as the faint of the match, the yellow card and the corner contract, …

The time for each soccer match including overtime is 90 minutes. When betting on Asian Handicap the bookie will announce the result of the match at the end of time. In the event of extra time, the bookie will give another suitable odds to decide the player’s win or loss.

Typical Asian Handicap Levels

The Asian handicap has the smallest unit of 0.25 left.

  • Football Handicap (0 left)

This is a handicap where the bookie judges both teams to be equal; have the same form or the stronger team has not been performing well recently, so they will match the lower team in the upcoming match. Accordingly the player bets on which team if that team wins the match then the player wins the bet.

  • Half left soccer match (0.25 left, 1/4 left)

In this match, the bookie judges the stronger team to accept the weaker team 0.25 left. Accordingly the player who bets on the upper bet wins if the upper team wins the match; and will lose money if you lose the battle; lose half of the money if they tie. Conversely, the underdogs will win half their money if they tie and win the money if the underdog wins the match.

  • Half left handicap (0.5 left, 1/2 left)

This handicap, the Bookmaker assesses the stronger team than the other team handicap 0.5 left. Accordingly, the person who bets on the upper team will win with enough money if the upper team wins by 2 or more left; Half money wins if the upper team wins 1 or more left, the whole money will be lost if the score is a tie or the underdog will lose.

Half Handicap (0.75 left, 3/4 left)

For this market, the person who bets on the upper team will win enough money if the upper team wins by 2 or more left; wins half of the money if the upper team wins by 1 left and loses if they draw or lose the match. Otherwise, the underdogs will win with enough money if the score is a tie or the under team wins the match; lose half the money if the upper team wins by 1 left and loses the whole money if the upper team wins by 2 or more left.

  • 1 Left Handicap

This handicap team on the upper side accepts the lower team 1 left. Accordingly, the player who bets on the upper team will win if the upper team wins by 2 or more left; money when you win by 1 difference; loses money when the score is a tie or the top team loses.

Asian Handicap Experience At Bookmaker

Players can learn about the Asian handicap experience at Ufabetsg to improve their winning ability. Ufabetsg is one of the best bet places to be trusted today:

  • Learn and observe the team

Players should find out about the team on which they make their own wagering decisions. Not only my favorite team, but also a rival team. If a player wishes to find betting information on which team, Ufabetsg can assist the player. Basic information such as the roster, the performance, the head-to-head history or the way the competition is organized is essential.

Besides, players need to be alert with their choices. Often players will get trapped by teams with a high level of dispute. Many players do not think they can meet the fragrance, but in fact there is a high risk.

  • Choose the balance of strength

Please choose the same handicap to not make too much of a difference. That way there will be a balance of fighting strength and winning rewards as well.

  • For teams that are too different

In the event of teams making a difference then the player needs to consider the odds. Usually the odds are going down a few hours before the game and then going up again 30 minutes before. This shows that the stronger team will have many disadvantages. Because if that’s the case, the weaker team will be chosen.

If the market is down and the winnings are still the same, choose the weaker team. If the handicap is 0.5 left and the winnings are high then choose the weaker team.


Above are all the betting information on Asian markets that Ufabetsg wants to provide to players. Hopefully, through this article will help players know more about many types of attractive markets. Ufabetsg.com is the leading betting system in Singapore, providing safety and quality assurance when betting here.

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