How To Play Bonanza Gold Slot At Online Casino Singapore

Ufabetsg is an online casino that specializes in providing betting products from well-known, high-quality publishers. Wide range of betting products, many variations and different themes. Especially Slot games with hundreds of games, each game is a story with beautiful images, vivid sound. Besides, every week Ufabetsg will update with new betting features and utilities, ensuring players will enjoy and feel attractive. One of the games that receive a lot of love from players is Bonanza Gold Slot. The article below provides detailed information about this game. If players are interested, please consult Ufabetsg!

Introducing About Bonanza Gold Slot

Bonanza Gold Slot is a game from a famous publisher named Pragmatic Play. This is a manufacturer that owns many attractive and quality games. The theme of Bonanza Gold Slot is “digging for gold”. In the game, there are many gem images of different colors, each symbol will have a corresponding payout.

Bonanza Gold Slot has appeared with other versions before. Although the game theme is not new, the attraction remains unchanged. High RTP rate and payouts promise not to disappoint players.

Overview About Bonanza Gold Slot

  • Publisher: Pragmatic Play
  • Maximum RTP: 96.6%
  • Minimum RTP: 96.49%
  • Maximum Bet: 125.00$
  • Minimum Bet: 0.20 $
  • Payline: 20 lines

The Law Bonanza Gold Slot

  • Symbols will appear anywhere on the screen. The total number of identical symbols on the screen at the end of the spin determines the winnings.
  • All winnings multiplied by base bet.
  • The coin value represents the actual winning value.
  • When a player hits multiple symbols, all winnings add up to the total winnings.
  • After the end of the game, the victory of the free spins is awarded to the player.
  • The entire winning of the main cycle is the sum of the wins of the free spins.
  • Players who want to start playing or stop spinning can use the “Space” and “Enter” buttons.
  • Bets and payouts will be void if the system crashes.

Symbols And Features At Bonanza Gold Slot

  • Scatter Symbol
  • The main cannon image is the Scatter Symbol.
  • Scatter Symbol can appear on all reels.
  • The Scatter Symbol can pay out on any position.
Scatter Symbol200,00$10,00$6,00$
  • Crash Feature
  • After each spin, the winning combinations are paid out, after which the winning symbols disappear. Next, other symbols will fall on the screen, filling the empty positions.
  • The crash will continue until no more winning combinations appear due to the collapse. The number of collapses has no limit.
  • After all the crashes, all wins are added to the player’s balance.
  • Free Spins
  • Players are rewarded with Scatter Symbols or more, which can appear anywhere on the screen or at free spins.
  • Players start with 10 free spins.
  • When the player gets 3 Scatter Symbols at the free spins, the player is given 5 more free spins.
  • 100x Symbols
  • This is a multiplier symbol that only appears during free spins and remains on the screen until the end of the sequence.
  • Every time a player receives 100x Symbols, it will receive a random number value from 2x to 100x.
  • All the 100x Symbols values ​​that appear on the screen are added together when the string collapses. Accordingly, the total winnings of the series are multiplied by the final value.
  • Special reels will appear during the free spins.
  • Paytable
Blue gem4,00$1,50$0,50$


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