What Is Catte Card Game ? And Experience To Play Catte Cards

Catte card is a game that many people love. Catte cards appear in many online game apps, and the Ufabetsg.com offer Catte cards game with very high odds. Learn about Catte card games with Ufabetsg.

What Is Catte Card?

The catte card is a game using a 52-card deck  like Bridge Cards or Baccarat. Each Catte card player is dealt 6 cards, consisting of 2 to 6 people on a Catte card hand. The value of the card will range from strong to weak: A> K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3> 2.

If any hand falls into a number of special cases such as 4 cards of the same score, 6 cards of the same suit, 6 cards less than 6 will win 100%. in the case of two players having special cards, the strength will be 4 cards of the same score <6 cards of the same suit <6 cards have score less than 6. Four cards of the same higher point are stronger and 6 cards of the same suit, which is scored bigger is stronger.

How To Play Catte Card At Online Casino

The rules of the Catte card game are very interesting, each table needs from 2 to 5 people and must be played through 6 rounds respectively. The dealer will divide 6 cards, each player will first play 1 card.

Re-players if anyone with a card of the same suit cards is of a greater value, evaluate and continue playing in the next round. If no one has a tag of the same suit cards than the value block.

For a player who does not possess a card of the same suit cards with a higher value, it is imperative to drop 1 card out of the first 6 cards dealt by the dealer. And so the card goes on with 4 rounds, the player who owns the card with the highest value and blocks the method will “Chưng” the card, the other player is disqualified because there is no card.

Note :

In the event that a player does not have a catch card in round 4 but has “Tùng”, they must consider it carefully. The player should consider which card to put and which card to keep for the “Chưng round”.

The person who “shows” the first card in the last round is the last person to catch the card in round 4.

How To “Chưng” Card:

Going to rounds 6 and 6 in the Catte game card is called a “Chưng” card. According to the rules of the game, the person who catches the last card in round 4 will “Chưng” the card. When the first card “chưng” the player will give 1 card, then if the other player has a card of the same suit with a higher value, he will take this card and continue to play the remaining “Tổn” cards.

In this round, if all players do not “Tổn” the card with the same suit cards of higher value, the player who “Chưng” the card will wins. Conversely, if someone else on the table owns a card “Tổn” of the same suit cards and value than the person who “Chưng” the card, that person will win.

The “Ăn Trắng” Rule In Catte Game Card: 

The player who “ăn trắng” will immediately win that hand. So what cases will “ăn trắng” mean when playing catte game cards. 6 cards of a player with the following combinations will “ăn trắng”,

  • 4 cards have the same value.
  • 6 cards of the same suit
  • 6 cards are worth less than 6.

If there are two players on the table, they will have the cards “eat white”. Now we will compare the cards between the two to determine the winner, the rules of card comparison are as follows

  • 4 cards have the same value of the bigger person, that person wins.
  • 6 cards of the same suit -> value of each card.
  • 6 cards are worth less than 6 -> consider the value of each card.

Law “Guc Tung”

“Tung” is a special term in the Catte game card. So what is the fallout please find out below.

“Gục Tùng” on table

Where 1 player in the table plays 4 cards from round 1 to 4 (possibly up to 5 or 6) and no other player has a card of the same suit with greater value for flow. That player immediately wins the hand and also receives a double stake.

  • The bonus amount will be equal to the original stake multiplied by the number of “Gục Tùng” rounds. Usually at bookmakers, round 3 will multiply 2 and round 4 will multiply 3, and so on until round 5 or 6.
  • The “Gục Tùng” person will be judged to die Ace.

“Gục Tùng” Individual parts: 

This happens when a few people have “Chết Tùng” and the number of players continues to be greater than 1. The survivors will continue to join the “show” of cards in the next round. The winner is the player who reached the end and receives the winnings according to the following rules:

  • The proceeds are equal to the sum of the stakes of all players coming to the table.
  • The player who “Gục Tung” will be judged to die Ace.

Note: “Gục Tùng” is counted when hitting the 4th round, the player still doesn’t have the capture card.

Fines In The Catte Card Game:

It is beneficial for a player to possess Ace, but if the player does not know how to use Ace, it has the opposite effect. That player will be punished, specifically as follows:

  • When “Gục Tùng”, if there is an Ace, there will be a fine as follows: 1/10 multiplied by the amount of the bet and then multiplied by the number of Ace cards.
  • If a player has an Ace but does not force another player, the result is “Gục Tùng” on the whole table, the full stakes will be penalized for those players on the table.

Terms Of The Catte Card: 

Thiệp: Cards that players face down or are blocked by other players using larger cards.

Tồn: Used to indicate cards played in the last round, meaning cards only exist at the end of each round.

Chết Tùng:  The player whose card is upside down in all 4 rounds will be disqualified.

Thắng Tùng: Only player wins all dead ones. Accordingly, you will receive money many times over the normal win.

Chưng: Only the first move in the 5th round.

Thắng Trắng: players with special cards can eat right from the start of the game.

Experience Of Playing Catte Card At Ufabetsg

  • Try to face the cards to the final round, as this means you have a huge advantage and take control of the situation.
  • When the player has the right to round 5 players should play small and medium cards. Because with this strategy it will help the player to keep the big card to show the cards in rounds of 5, 6.
  • If the player plays J Heart and the opponent only has small cards then the possibility that they will not have to turn in turn, now continuing to hit the larger heart cards will cause the opponent to be knocked down quickly and their chances of winning. the player will be higher.
  • When you are the first to hit the card in round 5, you should choose the big card. However, it is still advisable to check back to choose or remove the appropriate cards to avoid being kicked by the opponent.
  • With the instructions on how to beat the catte card just now; Applying my catte experience to the game will help players win a lot.


Ufabetsg hopes that with the above information, players can understand more about the catte card. This game has a great attraction, any player who has ever played it can not stop. Ufabetsg is a large casino system in Singapore, chosen and trusted by many people. If you like Catte cards, you can look to Ufabetsg to join.