Devil’s Number Slot – How To Play Devil’s Number Slot At Joker Gaming

Anyone who loves betting must be familiar with the topic of Slot games. Almost all online casinos offer Slot games as it is considered a betting platform. However, with the current number of online casino, choosing a reputable and quality bet place makes players confused.

Joker Gaming understands the desires and entertainment needs of players, online casino has cooperated with many game publishers, bringing a massive world of Slot games to members. As long as players trust to choose Joker Gaming, any Slot game that players love, Joker Gaming can provide.

Devil’s Number Slot is one of the most sought-after games by young people today. This game is really interesting and what are the advantages, let’s go to to learn about it based on the article below.

Devil's Number Slot - How To Play Devil's Number Slot At Pussy888

What Is Devil’s Number Slot?

Devil’s Number Slot is a game that describes a haunted library, the space where it is very scary. Players when participating feel both creepy and fascinated. The game with many bonus features and symbols promises to bring players many unexpected experiences.

Symbols And Special Features


When winning by random symbols has a high payout ratio. During the current spin, the ghost mark will be burned and the symbols will be upgraded. After successful upgrades, symbols will have a higher payout ratio than before.


When symbols with low payout ratio appear to win, symbols will be randomly dropped by ghost marks. From there the above symbol will fall and take its place. Note that the falling symbols do not include the removed symbols.

Free Spins

  • The free symbol is symbol (9), it only appears on items 2, 3 and 4.
  • Up to 12 free spins are triggered if these 3 symbols appear.

The wins of the high paying symbols on the first spin of the free spins bonus. Players are paid according to the initial rate, and the symbol will be upgraded during the remaining Free Spins.

If winning of low payout symbols during the free spins, the remaining free spins will be omitted. Symbols above fall, taking their place.

Free Reward Spins

If the player owns 3 symbols (9) during the free spins, the player takes home an additional 6 free spins.

The Law Of Devil’s Number Slot

Total bet

The total bet per row is the main total bet, and the player uses the +/- buttons to adjust that amount.

Spin the reels

  •  The player clicks the spin button to proceed with the reels.
  • To speed up the reels, the player presses the Spacebar again. The faster way is to click on the reels.
  • If spinning Turbo, the player holds the Spacebar or spin button.
  • The player clicks the Turbo button to speed up the game.


Just need the player to press the Auto button, the system automatically starts playing with the selected bet amount. Through the list of total spins, the player chooses how to spin.

General Law

The winnings of a line are based on the total winnings divided by the number of lines, then multiplied by the prize multiplier. This coefficient depends on each symbol on the paytable. The total amount of straight money is accumulated if there are winnings on different lines. The system will calculate the maximum winning amount, if there are multiple wins appearing on the same line.

Winnings from the same group or symbols in the game are equal to the stake multiplied by the symbols’ prize multiplier. The coefficient was previously regulated by Joker Gaming. The total winnings will be accumulated if there are multiple wins in multiple groups.

Scatter symbols will be paid in addition to any other symbol wins that occur during the same spin.

 Payment Symbols

Incense bowl36018090
Spooky notebook30015075
Paper roll24012060


Just now is the entire guide to playing Devil’s Number Slot at Joker Gaming. If you love the system and betting process at Joker Gaming, you can participate in many other equally attractive games such as Mysterious Slot or Pinocchio Slot,… Joker Gaming is always ready to support you in all aspects. Good luck to you!