How To Play Domino Game At Online Casino Singapore

Domino Game

What Is Domino? 

Domino is a game that uses rectangular tiles. Each Domino is a rectangular tile, and divides the tile into two square sections. Points are marked on each section, or they can be left blank. In the same Domino set, the back of tiles cannot be distinguished. They can either be left blank or have a similar design. Tiles of Domino forms a Domino set. 

Variations Of Domino

Domino has 4 different variations: Traditional Dominoes (Straight Dominoes), Russian Domino, All Fives Domino, Mexican Train Dominoes. In this article Ufabetsg will guide players to participate in the traditional and most popular Domino.

Set of Domino 

There are a total of 28 tiles for a set of Domino. The tiles are rectangular, they are divided in the middle, forming two squares. On each side of the square will show points (also called pips, nip or dob), which can also be left blank. There are maximum 6 tweezers per square. So tiles of Domino will include 1 pair of numbers: 6: 1, 2: 2, 3: 4, … 

A set of Domino can be used to play a variety of variations. There are many ways to play Domino in the world, and the game is divided into two forms: Blocking games and Scoring games.

Rules of Play Domino At Ufabetsg

 1. The law of calculating win and lose 

  • 1 dot on that tile is 1 point. 
  • Tile (0: 0) has 13 points. 

2. Blocking Domino’s Law 

  • If the game is over, the player with tiles but cannot continue playing is called Blocking. The player who owns the tiles with the smallest points, that player wins. 
  • The winner of the blocking domino will receive a reward 4 times the amount the player bet multiplied by the number of losing players. 
  • The loser blocking domino: lose 4 times the bet amount.

3. Rules for a 4-player game

  •  Player wins first: player takes all the tiles, wins 6 times the bet amount. 
  • The first loser : is the person who owns the tiles with the highest number of points, losing 3 times the original bet. 
  • The second loser: is the owner of the tiles with the second highest score in Domino’s game. That player will lose twice his original bet. 
  • The Third loser: is the person who owns the tiles with the 3rd highest score in the Domino game. That player will lose with the original bet. 

4. Rules for a 3-player game

  • Winner: The first person to take all the tiles in the game, receiving the bonus 3 times the original bet.
  • The First loser: is the player with the tiles with the highest number of points in the game, losing twice the original bet.
  • The Second loser: A player with the second highest score tiles in the game, losing with the original bet.

5. Rules for a 2-player game 

  • Winner: ( reward equals with stakes): is the first person to take all the tiles in the game. 
  • The loser: (losing with money bet): is the person who doesn’t take all the tiles in the game. 

IV. How To Play Domino Game At Ufabetsg

At the beginning of the game, each player will be divided into 7 tiles, and all are face down. If the number of players is less than 4 then the tiles will be redundant and will be arranged separately. They will be played when it is the turn to go without any valid tiles. 

1. First move 

The first player to take is the tile owner (6: 6). If no one owns (6: 6) then the player who has (5: 5) or (4: 4) … will be the first. On next bets, the player who wins the first bet will be the first. The first tiles are placed between players.

2. Second move

 The next player is the one on the left hand side of the first player, counted counterclockwise. That player must place down the tile so that one end of the tile coincides with the other. 

Example: The first player takes 6: 6, the next player needs to follow a tile with the head of 6. Example 6: 6, 6: 3, 6: 4, …

 In case the previous player places down a tile with a “white” end, it is only followed by another tile that also has a “white head”. However, in some ways, the rules can be changed, making the box “free”, meaning the player can freely give it a certain number. The tile placement can be left-hand or optional right-hand side.

3. The next round 

Players continue to take turns playing counter-clockwise. In case a player does not have the right tile to move on, then: In a 4 player hand, there are no redundant tiles at the initial split, then this player will lose their turn and pass the turn to the next player. 

If the game is less than 4, the player draws 1 tile from the surplus. If this tile can always be used, the player can play this tile. If, after being drawn, this tile cannot continue, this tile will be merged into the player’s set of tiles. The player continues to move to the next player.


Overall, Domino is easy to understand, easy to join. Anyone can join Domino and claim a winning prize. If you are a lover of Domino, you trust Ufabetsg, hurry up and sign up and take part in betting today. Ufabetsg wishes you luck!