How To Play Dragon Master At Online Casino

The Ufabetsg system offers a lot of attractive redemption games. Members at Ufabetsg not only participate in the online fish table game, but can also go back to prehistoric times, hunting dinosaurs.

By going to Ufabetsg and selecting Dragon Master, a world of betting with new colors and graphics emerges. Ufabetsg believes that the Dragon Master payout will make players love the game more and more. Let’s learn about the Dragon Master game with Ufabetsg based on the information below.

What Is Dragon Master ?

What Is Dragon Master ?

Dragon Master is considered a small branch of the online fish table game. Instead of transforming into a diver, players hunt for fish in the ocean; Coming to Dragon Master, players can become a talented animal hunter in ancient times.

Dragon Master is a really attractive game, with outstanding colors, new prehistoric themes. Dragon Master’s sound and graphics are very quality. Each icon has different attractive features. The game has a completely new version. Ufabetsg believes that players only need to join once to be immediately attracted.

The Rules Of Dragon Master At Ufabetsg

The Rules Of Dragon Master 

Types Of Level Bet

  • Newbie: For new players, not much experience. Bet limit on 1 bullet 0.1-10
  • Expert: For those who have participated in Dragon Master, have betting experience. Bet limit 1 bullet 1-100.
  • Royal: For those who bet on Dragon Master. Bet limit for 1 bullet 10 -100.

Dragon Master interface functions

Auto: Players only need to select the target, the gun will shoot continuously. Players do not need to click the mouse, the bullets are still fired automatically.

Aim: The player must click the mouse to fire the bullet, the gun does not continuously fire without the player’s influence.

Explosive: Instead of firing bullets, the player uses explosives to destroy the target. This weapon has extremely strong destructive power, large area of ​​influence. If the player wants to destroy many prey at the same time, use this weapon. However, because weapons are purchased with money, players need to consider it. Explosive purchase amount is quite large.

Boomerang: Boomerang has great damage and will automatically return to the player after being fired. This mode is often used to “handle” the bosses of the stage.

Features Of Dragon Master

Features Of Dragon Master

Heavenly Blessing

 The player has a chance to activate Heavenly Blessing if each bullet hits a dragon. The player then has the right to choose 1 or 3 of those envelopes, the reward ranges from 20x to 3600x.


 If a T-rex appears on the map, the player adds a new target, cooperating with other players. Chance to get bonus from 100 to 300x until T-rex leaves.

Dragon Reward

If the player sees the Bounty Dragon, the player should attack for a chance to get the base multiplier. If the player successfully captures the Bounty Dragon, the chance to win the reward is 150x – 300x .

Special Weapon

  • Boomerang: Each shot costs 6x the bet.
  • Explosive: Many dragons in the area will be bombed. Each explosion costs 15x the bet.

Wyvern Roulette

When the Supreme Wyvern arrives and the player captures the Supreme Wyvern, the Wyvern Roulette game is activated and the player wins 10 -1500x.

 Consecutive attacks have the ability to trigger Wyvern Roulettes in succession until the Supreme Wyvern leaves.


Similar Fishing Foodie game, Dragon Master is an attractive variation in the fish table game. New graphics, sound, sharp and realistic. Players feel like returning to prehistoric times, becoming brave when transforming into a professional hunter. At Ufabetsg, there are many other equally attractive games with high rewards. Hope players will have a great experience here. Ufabetsg wishes players the best of luck!