How To Play Durak Card – Experience To Win At Online Casino

Durak Card is one of the most popular games. Durak Card has simple rules, but to play well, players need to practice and learn more. Durak Card players need to be mindful, careful and apply many strategies. Let Ufabetsg learn about how to play Durak Card along with tips to win.

Play Durak Card At Online Casino

What Is Durak Card?

Durak Card is a card game originating from Russia. The game uses traditional 52-card western decks. However, playing Durak Card is not like normal card games, it is extremely unique.

There are 3 special cards in Durak Card: J, Q, K. Follow the Durak Card play below to see why this card is so special.

Rules When Playing Durak Card

The Rules To Play Durak Card At Online Casino

  • Durak Card Playing Tools

Online Casino in Singapore uses a 52-card deck to play Durak Card. The card values ​​are specified in ascending order from 2 to A. In which, A has the largest value and 2 has the smallest value. One special thing the player should note is that the Durak Card does not include a suit, but instead is the host card.

  • How To Divide Cards: 

To join Durak Card requires a minimum of 2 players, and a maximum of 4 players. Any player has the right to split cards in each game. Each player receives 8 cards. The card is played in the direction that the card was dealt previously.

After the card is divided, the player draws 1 card out, which is the host card. The suit card is removed, the suit is considered the host in the Durak Card. The player turns the card upside down and puts it down with the extra deck in the middle of the table. So the host card changes continuously with each hand.

  • How To Determine The First Play

Once the player has identified the host card, the next thing to do is find out who played first. Dealers will mix cards, then choose any 1 card. The number of cards will count down clockwise (starting with the counter). The last person counted is entitled to hit first  A, K, Q, J, calculated as 1, 13, 12, 11 respectively.

The revealed card will be put back into the deck. Dealer mixed the card and put it on the previous host card. From game 2 onwards, the player who wins the bet is entitled to go first.

  • How to Arrange Durak Card:

When joining Durak Card players do not combine cards like normal game cards where they use excess cards. The player divides the cards into the host suit and the odd card to avoid confusion.

How To Play Durak Card At Online Casino Singapore

Durak Card has a not too difficult game rule, players only need to spend 5 minutes to read the information shared below to be able to immediately know how to play.

  • Basic rules of playing Durak Card Game

When a Durak Card game begins, players proceed clockwise. The first player can hit any card they have. And the next person has to choose a card to support. Note that the card must be of the same suit and have a greater value.

The rest of the players are allowed to attack by rating the cards of the same value. That turn will end if no more players attack. In case the attacker cannot help, they must keep all the cards in that round.

According to how to play Durak Card, when the attacker runs out of card, we have 2 options as follows:

  • Draw 8 more cards to continue playing until the end is over
  • The attacker releases the card to end the turn. They draw 8 cards to play a new turn.

The winner is the person who hits all the cards first

  • Other rules of the game of Durak Card Game

In addition to learning the basic rules of how to play Durak Card, players should also know the other rules. Some places will apply this rule so the player cannot ignore it.

  • The loser of the previous game gives his biggest card to the winner. Then they picked up 1 more card on the table.
  • The first hand drawn will indicate a host suit other than card 2. The player with 2 has the right to dump it to take the card that was just drawn.
  • The player who does not own the host suit has the right to show the cards to all players. They then dealt a new card to find the host suit.

Experience Playing Durak Card Game

Even though Durak Card is a popular game and has simple rules. However, players who know the rules of the game are not sure to bring a high chance of winning. Players need to equip some skills

  • The player must be really focused, observing the other players’ movements. When the player is being attacked, they must be blocked really accurately. When the player has few cards in hand, the likelihood of winning is great.
  • Players should use smart cards if their opponents attack. Let’s lure your opponent to come up with cards of the same value for consecutive attacks.
  • Don’t forget to memorize the cards, this is very important. When the hand is about to end, players can guess which card their opponent is holding. From there the player will have the advantage of winning.


Durak Card is a game that requires high intelligence, players want to win and need to calculate carefully. In addition to learning the correct rules of the game, players need to cultivate a lot of practical experience. Ufabetsg hopes that with the above information, players can defeat their opponents and win!