Five Dragon Fishing- New Fishing Online To Get Real Money

After a series of versions of fish table gamebling game online such as: Dragon Master, OneShot Fishing, etc., today we have a new version of fish table games, which is Five Dragon Fishing.

This version of the game promises to conquer a lot of players when coming, because in addition to being able to entertain, players can also earn huge bonuses. To learn more about this game, follow along through the article below.

Instruction About Five Dragon Fishing Online

To continue with the Dragon Fishing version, Five Dragon Fishing gives players more interesting experiences when participating. This is one of the versions invested with beautiful graphic design and special features, to give players great moments when participating.This is one of the new fish tables online that players cannot ignore.

Rule of Five Dragon Fishing Online

This is a multi- player fish tables online, and each bullet path the player fires will depend on the direction of the cannon, so players need to consider carefully before firing. When the bullet hits the game interface edge, it will be bounced until the bullet hits any fish and the game result will be recorded.

Each player has a maximum of 10 bullets in the game. Each bullet can have a different bet, If the players adjusting the cannon will not change the bullets that have been fired.

With this game still have 3 level the player can bet:

  • Newbie: The limit coin players can bet from 0.1 to 10. With this level it is suitable for new players to join.
  • Expert: In this level players can lift your bet up to 1 to 100 coins. The players who have more experience and want to get more bonuses will choose this.
  • 5 Dragon: More players will prefer to choose this level. In this you can bet a limit from 10 to 100.

Feature of Five Dragon Fish Tables online

Dragon Bonus: During the game, the bonus game “ Dragon Bonus’’ will be triggered when the player captures. After entering the bonus game, click the amber on the screen and win multipliers up to 36x.

The players need to note when 2 holy pearls are collect at any dragon throne, the bonus game will end. When the Dragon bonus appear, the player has the chance to score with multiple dragon thrones.

If the player gets 4 multipliers, holy pearls and 5 dragon thrones at the same time, can win a bet of up to 1800x.

Shark Mouth Cannon: If the ‘’ Shark Mouth Cannon” is captured during the game, you will reward 5x of the bullet’s bet level you can get extra 30 free bullets immediately.

When a fish with 10 about multiplier is hit using the Share Mount Cannon the capture rate may increase.

When a fish with 10 or less multiplier is captured, you will have a chance to get 2 to 5x multiplier randomly.

Depth Charge Bullets:  If the Depth Charge Bullets is captured during the game, you will be rewarded 5x of the bullets’s bet level and you can extra 30 Depth Charge Bullets immediately.

You can tap any fish you’d like to capture on the display.

5 Dragon Inspection: A Giant Dragon will appear in each sence and inspect the sea randomly. If the Giant Dragon is captured, your bet will be multiplied by 50 to 500x.

Golden Anglerfish: If Golden Anglerfish is captured during the game, if the blue or golden bubble appears. You will get a reward for each bubble and get up to 300x.

Paytable of Five Dragon Fishing

Starfish2xMonster Ocean80x
Flying fish2xPearl100x
Nemo3xBig nemo20x- 50x
Blue tang4xBig Blue tang20x – 50x
Puffer5xBig Puffer20x – 50x
Gold fish6xDepth Charge Bullet5x
Convex eyefish7xShark Mouth Cannon5x
Seahorse8xWhite Dragon50x – 500x
Squid9xBlue Dragon50x – 500x
Turtle10XGreen Dragon50x – 500x
Lobter12xRed Dragon50x – 500x
Lamp fish15xGolden Dragon50x – 500x
Swordfish20xDragon Bonus up to 1800x
Jellyfish40xEye- shade15x – 300x
Golden shark60x


Five Dragon Fishing game is a highly entertaining game, it also gives players a huge income. When participating in playing Five Dragon fishing, players also receive attractive bonus. Come and register an account at today to be able to experience this game, with its beautiful 3D version and attractive rewards.