Four Color Card – How To Play Four Color Cards At Online Casino Singapore

Four Color Card is a card game loved by many Asians, appearing mostly at bookmakers. Although Four Color Card has a simple gameplay, it is diverse, making it interesting for the player. Let learn about how to play Four Color Card based on the information below.

Four Color Card - How To Play Four Color Cards At Online Casino Singapore

What Is Four Color Card?

Four Color Card is a card game originating from China, and later spread to many Asian countries. Unlike other card games, the Four Color Card does not use a 52-card deck. Four Color Card has a total of 112 cards, divided into 4 colors: white, blue, yellow, red. Card of Four Color Card is rectangular, made of cardboard. Each Four Color Card hand has 2 to 4 players.

Four Color Card has 7 types of cards including: General / King, Guard, Elephant, Chariot, Horse, Cannon, Footman. Each card has 16 cards divided into 4 colors respectively as mentioned above.

How To Play Four Color Cards At Online Casino Singapore

  • Set of cards in Four Color Card:

When participating in Four Color Card, players need to arrange cards correctly according to the set specified below.

  • King also known as General.
  • Pair: 2 cards the same color and character.
  • Triple: 3 cards both in character and color
  • Quad: 4 cards both in character and color
  • Triple King – Guard – Elephant the same color.
  • Triple Chariot– Cannon – Horse the same color.
  • Triple or Quad Footman different colors.

Cards that do not appear in the set above are considered trash cards. When participating, players need to know the set of cards, thus avoiding the case of being penalized.

How to play Four Color Card

In Four Color Cards, the dealer will be the first player. Card splits are counted clockwise. Each card is divided into 5 cards, divided equally by 4 rounds until each player has 20 cards. Note that at the last card split, the player who deals the card will get 6 cards. That means 4 card split rounds total 21 cards. The number of trash cards will be placed in the middle of the table.

The first person will take a card to the table, the player next to it continues to take the card if there is a matching set of cards to win. If not, you must get the card from the trash card section in the middle of the table. Note if a player has a Pair or Triple, they can play the card without having to stand next to the player just now. In case the player only has triple or trash card, it is impossible to win the upper hand.

Just like that the hand goes on until someone runs out of cards first, there are no cards left, that person wins

The rules win with special cards

When playing Four Color Card players need to know some of the following constraints:

  • Winner Priority: If player can take a card that has been turned over for a hand round. That player is allowed to take the revealed card and win.
  • Triple: Note that cards in Triple cannot be combined with other cards to form a group. That means Triple cannot be broken. In the event that the flap card matches the card in Triple, the player holding Triple must take the flap card to take the district.

When a player throws the card away, it is not possible to add a trash card. That means if the player takes an extra card, the number of trash cards in the player’s hand is not increased.

  • Pair preference: If a player has a pair and flap the card matches that pair. Players without districts must take the flap card to form the same triple and get the district.

How to calculate points in Four Color Card

The calculation of points in Four Color Card is as follows:

  • Pair: No Point
  • General / King: 1 Point
  • Any 3-card group: 1 point
  • Quad: 6 points
  • Triplet dealt 3 point
  • Quad dealt: 8 points
  • Four Pawns different color: 4 point
  • The first Player Win: 3 Point.

Note the last command total is always odd. If the player counted the total number of orders even though they played the wrong rule. So players want to win and not lose money unreasonably, they must know the rules of the Four Color Card game.


Above is the basic information about Four Color Card. Ufabet Singapore hopes to bring a lot of useful information to players. Players understand more about Four Color Cards and how to participate. Ufabetsg will assist players with their best during the betting process, wishes you much luck!