How To Play Bridge Cards Game At Online Casino Singapore

Bridge card is a game using a 52-card deck of cards. This is a highly resistant game and is loved by people in Asia. So specifically how this game is, why is it so loved by many players. Join Ufabetsg follow the article below to understand more about this game!

What Is Bridge Post?

Bridge Cards Game are played according to the principle of “eating water”. Players will pair together to form teams. The team that wins more moves wins. To participate in playing Bridge, each player needs to have a high level of skills and techniques, especially good thinking ability. Between players, it is necessary to have a good combination to increase the probability of winning.

Because of such high demands, Bridge cards are not as popular as other card games like Poker, Blackjack or Baccarat. However, online casino Ufabetsg still offers a Bridge for those who are knowledgeable and passionate about betting.

Bridge Card Rules At Online Casino

Bridge is a card game consisting of 4 people, for every two people sitting opposite each other will form a playing pair. Bridge uses a 52-card deck of cards with 4 suits.

A bridge game consists of the following parts: Deal cards “,” Quotes “,” Play cards “, finally” Calculate the results “and record the minutes. Players participating in the auction round mean fixing the treaty. If the hand is terminated without playing, the report will be recorded as 0 points for both sides.

The players will split into two pairs. The arrangement of positions and seats is up to the player to draw cards. The player who draws the highest card will be free to choose a seating position. The second person then sits across from the first person. And these two people will form the team to play until the end. The game is played clockwise, rotating left to right.

How To Play Detailed Bridge Cards

  • Distribute the cards:

After shuffling, the cards will be divided clockwise to the person on the left. The cards are divided into trees one by one. Each player will receive 13 cards. The dealer deals cards according to the marked positions, having 4 players corresponding to 4 positions N – E – S – W.

When playing bridge, the player will play cards face-up in front of them. At the end of the move, the hand will face down. Thus, the following card overlaps the previous sentence and keeps it for the player.

  • Price list:

This is the same step as the poker step. When a player makes a bid in a bridge, only one side participates, the other side cannot comment. There are various forms of listing including “meaningful price”, “cont’ra” and “Recont’ra”. There are also pointless quotes.

The meaning of a quote will be divided into “levels” and “grades”. Equivalent to 7 levels from 1 to 7 and ranks include dragonfly, diamonds, muscles, spades, and no owners. That means there will be a total of 35 significant prices and 1 dragon is the lowest, “7 no owners” is the highest.

  • Pricing process

Each player must view the card before making a bid. For a quote it is necessary to use the “quote box”. This is considered the box containing the corresponding price tags. Competitors when bidding will choose the corresponding cards and turn them over for other players to see.

The first bidder will be the dealer. Other people who turn to advertise will often choose a higher price to advertise or “pointless price” or cont’ra / recont’ra

In each game, the auction is intended to help players get results. The player can fix and strike a treaty or break the opponent’s treaties.

  • Play cards

Going to the round of gambling will help players check if the treaty is suitable for the two sides or not. The person sitting on the left has the duty of the player to attack the first card and has the right to play any. After that, they will lower their cards to the table.

When playing Bridge card players do not forget this game applies the suit of the first card in each hand. The player does not have to choose the taller tree.

The player who wants to eat that move must play the highest card, and the correct quality of the water being played. Where someone is out of substance and is beaten. The player who wins will be allowed to eat that hand. The person who wins first gets the right to play first and in the next move has the right to hit any card.

When each hand is over, the hand will be face down. The next card will override the previous card. In case the hand belongs to the player, it will be rotated vertically, belonging to the opponent must be rotated horizontally.

Players should not forget to check the number of moves of each pair to see if the treaty is completed or not. How much the result is excess or missing to record the result in the card game record.

  • Record your results

The two sides fight, ending up counting their moves to determine whether the hand wins or loses. If the two agree, record the result in the minutes. If you still do not agree, you must review the whole game.


Compared to many players, Bridge cards are quite new and they do not understand how to play. However, after joining, Ufabetsg believes that the Bridge card has great attraction that many players love and join. Currently Ufabetsg has many attractive prizes for those who play Bridge. Hope players trust, love and choose Ufabetsg to join Bridge.

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