How To Play Mystical Bali Slot

What Is Mystical Bali Slot ?

Mystical Bali is a Slot game, it is provided and developed by Gameplay Interactive. Mystical Bali has payment line of 3 × 5 and RTP rate of 96.78%. The features and special symbols of Mystical Bali brings many attractive wins for players.

How To Play Mystical Bali Slot

  • Wild symbol

Wild symbols appear on scrolls 2, 3, and 4. They can replace all symbols except the Gold Garuda. When all the Wild symbols appear on the screen, the Jackpot bonus may be activated randomly

The total Gold Garuda value on the free spins will be converted to Wild coins. Based on the stake level, Wild Coins will be paid out.

  • Gold Garuda Symbol

You will get back 6 Respins or 8 Free Spins if on any reel, 6 or more Gold Garuda symbols appear.

When the spin ends, the Gold Garuda value will be rewarded.

  • Jackpot

The Jackpot appears to trigger the winning insurance. To win the Jackpot prize, the player needs to collect 3 identical symbols.

Based on the multiplier of the bet, the Jackpot is paid out and it is activated only at the main round.

There are 4 levels of Jackpot:

  • GRAND: 25000
  • MAJOR: 2500
  • MINOR: 1250
  • MINI: 625
  • Free spins

There are a total of 8 free spins. If you want to activate the free spins, you need a high value symbol and a new Wild coin to activate. Includes: Red Lions, Brown Lions, Snake, Elephants, Blue and Wild Lions.

The total Gold Garuda value will be converted to Wild coins when the free spins are spawned. Note when the free spins take place, all Wild coin symbols are of equal value. Value on Wilds coin is awarded when the completed symbol is spun on the reel.

The rotation is awarded before the feature is started. Free spins cannot be re-activated.

  • The mysterious turnaround

There are 6 spins, it is based on the Garuda icon appearing on the reels.

Gold Garuda activates the spinner that will stick on the reels. Note that the Gold Garuda value will be the same when the spinner is activated. During the spins, purple, red and Gold Garuda + 1 Respin icons will appear on the reels.

All Garuda icons except Respin + 1 stick on the reels until the spin ends.

When the spin ends, the values ​​on all of the Gadura symbols will be paid. And the spins are paid out based on the exponential of the bet.

Payment Symbol

Red Lion1505030
Brown Lion1003025
Grey Lion753020


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