How To Withdraw Funds – Ufabetsg

The members after winning the bet will proceed with the withdrawal process to their personal bank account. This is also a process for verifying Ufabetsg online casino reputation. The confident casino has not received any complaints regarding the withdrawal so far. Customers have a variety of withdrawal options, below are some of the ways players can do it:

Step 1: Sign in to your Ufabetsg account. Then, players perform the deposit step in the Financial Management section on the upper right corner of the interface.

Step 2: The player chooses one of the two provided deposit methods:

 Method 1: Local bank

Please complete the required information and the bank of your choice to obtain the Ufabetsg casino bank account number. Once you have a bank account number, you can make a deposit to the account provided by one of the three ways below:

  • Transfer money by ATM to the provided account number;
  • Transfer money by internet banking to the provided account number;
  • Transfer money directly at the nearest bank or transaction counter to the provided account number.
  • Method 2: Fast Pay

This is a method that allows you to quickly transfer money to Ufabetsg through a third party without having to retrieve the Ufabetsg bank account number.

After filling in information such as deposit amount, selected bank members will be forwarded to the payment page.

Here, members continue to choose a bank that has registered for internet banking service to quickly and conveniently transfer money to Ufabetsg online casino.

Step 3: After completing the remittance step, the member continues to update the deposited amount into the system to notify the online casino by filling in all the information.