Online Mahjong Singapore

Mahjong is one of the betting games in China. Since the Qing Dynasty of China, the game was invented and received a welcome from players across the country. By 1900, mahjong was even more popular when it had spread around the world.

Coming to different countries, the mahjong game will be changed to suit the gameplay in that place. In Singapore, every year mahjong tournaments take place. If you are a betting enthusiast and have a passion for mahjong, you must first understand it well. Based on the article below, Ufabetsg Singapore will bring you some information about the history, betting rules and development of online mahjong over the years.

singapore mahjong rules

History Of Mahjong Games:

As said before, mahjong is a game that appeared thousands of years ago. Depending on the needs of the players in the betting market, they will receive a version of the mahjong based on the original game. Some places even claim that mahjong is a game invented by Confucius – a famous philosopher in China. Some other data suggest that the game dates back to the biblical Noah period.

Many believe that the origin of the mahjong originated from Ya pei – a game dating back to the Sung Dynasty, using ivory or wood as a playing device. So far there has not been a clear published document exactly about the invention of this game. However, in terms of timeline, many researchers agree to make the point in the early 19th century and spread to the world in the 20th century.

Basic Things To Know When Bet On Mahjong:

Similar to many other betting games. When entering mahjong, players have the right to choose regional or international versions. To understand this game, it is necessary to first understand the common rules in this game. In a table, the player must arrange 14 tiles into 4 sets and one line. “Pung” is the name of a pair made up of two identical bricks. “Chow” is a set of three consecutive bricks of the same suit.

A game of mahjong requires 4 players. There is another version that only needs 3 players. However, when it comes to mahjong, players only know the 4-person type. On the table there are a total of 136 tiles. These tiles consist of 36 characters, along with 36 bamboos and 36 circles that make up the clothes.

In which each suit is divided in order from 1 to 9. There are also 16 wind cells and 12 dragon tiles. Players owning a suit will have a bonus tile number consisting of 4 flower tiles and 4 season tiles.

The Goal Of The Mahjong Game:

When participating in mahjong betting, there are bricks arranged in different horizontal and vertical rows. Includes 17 horizontal and 2 vertical members. For horizontal bricks, they are usually arranged in a square pattern. Players act as dice themselves, and will select the brick with the highest value to determine who is the dealer of the four. Next, the players will then sit in their respective positions.

The person chosen to deal will roll the dice and count the number of points starting from the right and select a square. From there, each player will receive 13 slots, and the dealer gets one more square. The game starts from there.

When the game is officially started, each player will have a way to arrange their boxes in different rows so that other players cannot catch them. Next the dealer removes a tile and the game starts. If no one can complete the mahjong hand in the next move. The turn will go around following the dealer to the left of the dealer. In addition, in the game hand will be given to any player who can complete a pair. Then the player must shout “Pung” and flip the newly created pair.

In addition, the player who forms a set also gets priority. The player must then shout “Chow” and show the new set to the whole table to see. After the priorities are over, the dealer to the left of the dealer continues the turn. Such a game continues until any player completes a mahjong.

Online Mahjong Betting:

After a period of time to many different countries, for the convenience of many other players, the mahjong betting appeared online. Currently almost all Singapore casinos offer mahjong. Ufabetsg is one of the popular online casinos that offers this game. Currently there are many different versions for players to choose from. Solitaire is one of the popular versions that players often choose.

There are also other variations of mahjong based on slot play. Players use a slot mechanism to participate in the game. When making the game, corresponding to each rotation is to load a screen with a new group box. Different combinations will give players the same amount of coins.

Usually a game of mahjong will have 4 players. However, this is not easy. That’s why online tournaments often pair odd players together to form a team. Now when playing mahjong at any casino in Singapore players can also link and join many other players around the world.


A great game of mahjong made by good players, with a style of play and across multiple levels of betting. Thus the new mahjong version appeals to viewers. If you are a mahjong lover who needs convenience in betting, the online mahjong version of Ufabetsg Singapore online casino is just right for you. Give it a try, we believe you’ll love it.