What Is Malay Odds? Malaysia Odds Bet Experience

Any player who loves football betting must have heard of “Malaysia Odds”. This type of handicap is very popular and is widely chosen by many people when playing football betting. At Ufabetsg, it is reported that Malaysia Odd accounts for more than 30% of the number of people betting on soccer bets.

What is Malaysia Odds, what are the characteristics and how to bet Malaysia Odds. Please join Ufabetsg to follow the article below for more information.

Malay Odds

What Is Malay Odds?

Malaysia Odds is one of the familiar terms and is used a lot by players when betting on football online. Similar to many other types of bets on Asian Handicap, Malaysia Odd displays negative or positive odds to calculate the payout of the player. The calculation is based on statistics from the teams facing each other. Malaysia Odds is calculated in units of 1.00.

In the Malaysia Odds, the odds of winning and losing are displayed very clearly. If a player who participates in Malaysia Odd wins or loses then simply multiplies the bet amount by the Malaysia Odd odds provided by Ufabetsg.com, the result is the amount of player’s win or loss.

Malaysia Odd has two basic ratios as follows:

  • Malaysia Odds Negative (shows the amount you will lose if you lose the bet, if you win, you will eat enough)
  • Malaysian Odds Positive (displays the payout if the bet is won, lost will lose enough)


Germany accepting France 1.5 left has a Malaysian Odd of -0.91

France has a 1.5 handicap with a Malaysian Odd of 0.75

Player bet Germany $ 50, win enough to win $ 50 win + $ 50 stake = $ 100. If you lose, you lose $ 50 x -0.91 = $ 45.5

Player bet France $ 50, winning $ 50 x 0.75 = $ 37.5 + $ 50 stake = $ 87.5. If you lose, you will lose $ 50

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Experience Betting Malaysia Odds

If you want to participate in any type of bet, you must have a basic understanding of that bet type. First of all, each player needs to learn, take notes and gain experience from many bets. Then when the player knows the advantages and disadvantages of each type of market, the possibility of winning will be much higher. Check out some of our betting experiences with Ufabetsg from previous players:

  • If the negative is too high, the player should not take part in the bet. Note if the odds are between -0.8 and -0.95, players should bet because it is safe.
  • Prestigious betting bookmakers are bookmakers that offer players a variety of betting benefits and guarantees. Therefore, players must choose a safe and quality bookmaker that can update the raffle quickly. In addition, reputable bookmakers also increase the payout ratio to encourage more members to bet at their bookmaker.

Ufabetsg is one such betting bookmaker, Ufabetsg offers a wide variety of attractive soccer betting odds suitable for many players while also increasing the odds on big matches.

  • Players must regularly monitor and update the rates offered by big bookmakers like V9betwin.com. Usually players who are experienced when watching a match move will make many accurate judgments about the outcome of the match.
  • Don’t forget to follow previous matches. Research and record the results of previous matches and then compare the results to find out the high probability of winning and bet on future matches. This way both helps players to have good odds, and to get more information about betting in Malaysia Odd.


Ufabetsg believes this is a place where you can indulge in a passion for football betting. With the exception of Malaysia Odd, Ufabetsg also offers a variety of great odds for online football. Hopefully players will trust and choose Ufabetsg to participate in betting.

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