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NTC33 Casino – Register | 120% Welcome Bonus

What Is Newtown Casino ?

Coming to Newtown casino betting app or NTC33 players will know more about an online betting platform. This application encourages many people to participate in betting. The number of attractive games, regularly updated and many new things. One of the things that Singapore players love is the cash prizes for those games.

At Newtown casino, the most popular game with the most participants is Slots. Players have many choices when participating in this betting game. NTC33 is an application that can help players become rich and entertaining.

NTC33 Casino –  Register | 100% Welcome Bonus
NTC33 Casino – Register | 120% Welcome Bonus

How To Download Newtown casino?

By visiting the Ufabetsg online casino homepage, players can instantly own the latest betting application. Currently Ufabetsg has two versions of betting for players, iOS and Android.

Either way, Ufabetsg casino is safe, quality, and virus-free. The casino works responsibly, wanting to protect its customers wherever they are. So players only need to adjust the mobile to allow external betting apps to be downloaded. All other matters, Ufabetsg Singapore will take over.

How To Register Newtown casino?

Players who want to have a great gambling experience, please create your own account. By contacting the betting dealer through the following channels:

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp ID: +65 81317769
  • WeChat ID: ufabetsgp
  • Telegram: @ufabetsgp

With the support of customer service staff, it only takes a few minutes for players to own a betting account. Each player can own only one account.

NTC33 Casino –  Register | 1ư0% Welcome Bonus
NTC33 Casino – Register | 120% Welcome Bonus

How To Login Newtown casino?

Password and account name must be absolutely protected. This way players can bet safely. The first time you log in, you should change your betting password. The purpose is for players to remember and convenient to log in. However, when changing the password character, it must still ensure the rule as set out by the agent at first.

How To Withdraw Funds At Newtown casino?

Players only need to bet and win, the withdrawal should be taken care of by the agent. When players need to transfer money, just contact the game agent and then prove the account holder and perform the transaction.

The amount the player wants to withdraw must reach the minimum threshold set by the dealer. Within a few minutes, the player’s winnings will be transferred from the agent’s credit to the personal bank. The agent will keep all transaction records for use when necessary. If there is no problem, the information will be completely confidential.

Newtown Casino Free
NTC33 Casino – Register | 120% Welcome Bonus


Newtown casino will undoubtedly be Singapore’s most loved casino betting app. And even more, it’s even safer to be gambling provider Believe that with the cooperation of both sides, players will have an ideal playground for entertainment and earning extra income.

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