What is Odds Over / Under? How to play the Odds Over / Under in Football Betting?

Over / Under is very popular betting and is used by many players. In Singapore most online casinos offer Over / Under betting.

Surely any player who has bet on Over / Under can understand the rules of the game. Usually the bookmaker will come up with any number that predicts the outcome of the match. The player will base on that number, giving a number that is either higher or lower than the dealer’s number. That is, choose Over or Under.

What Is Over / Under?

In football betting, the bookmaker will apply the Over / Under handicap based on the number of goals scored in a match or total number of cards breached, total throw-in, corner kicks of a ball match, etc.

Over / Under markets are very diverse and apply many different odds in soccer betting. So this type of popularization in many bookmaker in Asia, the number of participants is very large.

When participating in Over / Under, players should only be concerned with the total number of goals in the match. And then choose to bet higher or lower than the total number of goals offered by the bookmaker. If the match is less than win, put Under, more goals will be placed Over.

For example, the first match ended with a result of 3-1, with a total of 4 goals. Whereas Ufabetsg offers an expected number of 2. Players will fall under the following circumstances:

  • If the match has 3 or more goals and the player places Over, they win.
  • If the match only has 1 goal and the player places Under then the player wins.
  • If the match only has two goals, players choose to place Over or Under, they will also Tie. The stakes will be refunded by the bookmaker.
  • When betting on Over / Under markets, the match time will last for 90 minutes. Usually, players with Over / Under bets will participate in the match. Ufabetsg also offers each match.

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Over / Under Reading Guide At Online Bookmaker 

For Over / Under markets, the bookmaker will be given a lot of different odds corresponding to the match. Often players will encounter ratios like 2; 2.5; 3; … Let Ufabetsg follow the writing below to read each of the different odds:

Over / Under (1: 1/2 or 1.5)

Players will encounter this Over / Under for each round (1st and 2nd half) or even the whole match. bookmaker will offer an Over / Under odds ratio of 1.5, players will encounter the following situations:

  • If the match has 2 or more goals then Over will win.
  • If the match has 1 goal or no goals are scored then whoever puts Under will win.

Over / Under odds 1: 3/4 (1.75 or 1.5 – 2)

If the player sees Over / Under in this ratio, then after the end of the match will be as follows:

  • Player places Over, if there are 3 tables or more, the player will eat enough money, and if there are only 2 tables, the player will win the bet.
  • The player places the Under door, if there is only 1 or 0 table, the player will eat enough money, if there are only 2 goals, the player will lose the bet.

Over / Under odds have 2 goal

For this Over / Under ratio is relatively easy to understand, the way to read the handicap is not complicated.

  • If the number of goals in a match is played is 3 or more goals, and the player places Over, wins.
  • If player places Under, the total number of goals in the match must be 1 goal or 0 goals.
  • The case of a tie and refund is when the number of goals at the end of the match is 2 goals.

Over / Under odds 2 : 1/4

  • If a player participates in the match with odds of 2: 1/4, there will be some cases such as:
  • The player places Over for the match, if the result is 3 or more goals, the player gets the full wager, and if there are only 2 tables then the player loses the bet.
  • Player places Under for the match, if the result is 1 goal or 0 goal, the player gets enough money, and if the match ends with only 2 goals, the player wins the bet.

Over / Under 2: 1/2

When meeting this odds, this ratio will be read as follows:

  • Place Over on the match, if the result is 3 or more goals then player wins
  • Place Under for the match, if the result is 2 goals, 1 goal or 0 goals then the player wins.

Over / Under odds 2.5-3 or 2.75

In case of an Over / Under football bet with a ratio of 2: 3/4, players will read this bet as follows:

  • If you place a bet on Over, the match results in 4 or more goals the player gets the full winnings, and if there are only 3 goals, the player gets only the stake.
  • If a player bets on Under, the result of the match has only 2 goals or less, the player receives the full bonus, and if the match ends with 3 goals, the player will lose the money.

Over / Under odds of 3 goals

When playing football betting Over / Under with 3 goal, the player will understand as follows:

  • If the player places Over on the match and the result of the match is scored> 3 (ie 4 or more goals) then the player wins the bet.
  • If a player places Under for the match and the match result is with a score of <3 (2 goals or less) then the player wins.
  • The rest, if the number of goals in the match = 3, the player will be refunded, even if the player placed for Over or Under.

Over / Under odds markets for each round

This type of soccer bet depends on the match. If a player bets on Over with odds <or = 1 goal then the odds are as follows:

  • If the Over handicap bet is 1, the odds are> = 100
  • If the Over handicap bet is 0.5, the odds are> = 80
  • If the Over handicap bet is 0.75, the odds are> = 100

Over / Under Corner Kick

In addition to the Over / Under markets with the familiar handicap ratios mentioned above, the Over / Under Corner kick also has a lot of players participating today.

For this type of market, players only need to be concerned with the number of corners in the match, not the total number of goals lost in the match.

Corners also have many different types of bets, for example, the upper corner bet, which team will take the first corner, the 1 × 2 corner bet, … If the player meets a match that online bookmaker offers. The odds of a corner, then remember to try it because the chances of winning are very high.

How To Over / Under Betting At Online Bookmaker

Players first choose a reputable online bookmaker – Ufabetsg to play betting. Then register for an account, make a deposit according to the casino’s rules.

Next, the player chooses an upcoming match. Refer to the odds offered by the bookie and then select the appropriate market to bet.

Example: We’re going to be in the Over / Under matchup for Man City against FulHam.

Following the odds of this match, players can see that the Over / Under market has many different odds. Each Over / Under odds ratio will have a different bounty ratio. For example, the Over / Under ratio 3.5 – 4, when the result is Over, the player will win 0.91 points, and if it is Over, the player will win 0.99 points.

Notes For Over / Under Betting At Online Bookmaket

  • Players who want to set Over for the match should wait until the 10th minute onwards to see what the situation looks like. Because in the first 10 minutes goals often appear very rarely. Then place the bet, the Over / Under’s in-match win rate will be higher.
  • Players should choose the appropriate match to place their bets. Before betting should refer to the previous match of the two teams. If it is the favorite team, it cannot be ignored.
  • When a match is being placed for betting has just ended the first half with a draw and no goal, players should be careful. Such matches are highly fortunate. One is that players only participate for entertainment or must observe carefully, understand the match situation and information on both sides. The final decision is to make an Over / Under bet
  • When wagering Over / Under players need to watch the game carefully. If you see the situation is unfavorable, you must change the market so that it is reasonable to not be so stubborn when the winning rate is up to 50%
  • The player should choose a low bet and then increase it gradually. If you find that the game is stable, you can bet high.


Ufabetsg is a reputable and high quality online casino. Here players have many choices when betting. The Over / Under alone matchup has been divided into even smaller types. So if you still wonder where to choose where to bet, Ufabetsg is the perfect choice.

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