OneShot Fishing – Attractive Fish Shooting Game At Ufabetsg

Oneshot Fishing is one of the online fish table games developed by Joker Gaming, meeting the betting needs of players. Among hundreds of modern and classic games, the fish table game online still has a prominent attraction, players cannot ignore it. Perhaps also because of the vast ocean world, which stimulates human curiosity the most. The following article fully introduces Oneshot Fishing, if players love this game, please refer to Ufabetsg.

What Is OneShot Fishing?

OneShot Fishing is the latest fish table game version currently available at Ufabetsg. The game has a familiar theme, the content describes the vast ocean world. Here, players are free to struggle, hunt for creatures and receive rewards with the corresponding value.

OneShot Fishing rules are very simple, Gogbestg provides full information about the game. OneShot Fishing features and icons are clearly explained by the system. Players only need to refer to it to be able to start betting. Currently OneShot Fishing has 3 levels with increasing difficulty

  • Newbie: bet level from 0.1 to 1, for first time players, no experience.
  • Expert: bets 1-10, for those who have participated in the game, have some skills.
  • Master: 10-100 bets, for people with top skills, specializing in catching special fish, earning a lot of bonuses.

Symbols And Features Of OneShot Fishing At Ufabetsg

Special Fish

Dragon Ball Turtle: Dragon ball will appear on the back of the dragon, if the player kills the dragon, the player receives a Dragon ball, the monetary value is from 25x to 75x.

Fortune God: Players have a chance to receive rewards from 100x to 300x if Fortune God appears on the screen. Players need to pay attention to special situations, do not let the opportunity slip away.

Shenlong: If the player collects 7 Dragon Balls, Shenlong will appear. The player then receives a bonus worth from 50x to 500x.

Shenlong Jr: This is a character appearing in the legend, players do not know exactly when Shenlong Jr will appear. If lucky enough to catch Shenlong Jr, players can receive bonuses from 30x to 300x.

Description of Turret

  • Level 1: Normal bullets with no skill
  • Level 2 (Freezing Skill): Trigger random to freeze or to pin the fish.
  • Level 3: Trigger random to kill extra fish school.

Ultimate :

Electrify Bullet: Release extra 1 beam after shot to attack other fish species.

Electrify Bullet: Trigger Mighty Cannon at random to straight- widely kill fish school.

Basic Skills

Auto: Shoot automatically towards where you’re lucky without wasting any bullets.

Aim: Aim a fish and shoot, hit the fish until it dies.

In addition, players can learn more shooting games such as: Cai Shen Fishing or Dragon Master to have more options when coming to Ufabetsg.


Blue spiny fish3x
Tiny Jellyfish9x
Tiny Octopus10x
Puffer fish12x
Lantern fish15x
Big Octopus18x
Big Lantern fish25x
Hammerhead sharks80x
Gold Toads100x


Above is information about the game Oneshot Fishing, Ufabetsg hopes players will love this online version of fish table game. If you want to win, do not forget to learn the experience and strategy of shooting fish at the Ufabetsg homepage. Good luck players!