Online Shooting Fish Game – How To Play Cai Shen Fishing At Online Casino

Mega888 promises Cai Shen Fishing game

What Is Cai Shen Fishing?

Cai Shen Fishing is a game with a beautiful interface design, delicate and sharp images of the vast ocean world. Where sea creatures freely swim and plant systems such as corals and plants move very smoothly and are all represented by 3D images. There is also a combination of live sound that makes the game incredibly realistic and engaging.

The more special thing of Cai Shen Fishing now allows players to participate on mobile phones with an internet connection, just one phone is enough for you to join the hunt in the ocean. And players can bet on their mobile.

Similar to other fish shooting games, players only need to recharge and use weapons to destroy fish. Depending on each symbol in the game, you receive different bonuses. The higher the bonus amount the bigger the fish. In case you destroy the god of wealth, the reward you receive is a red envelope. The value of this gift is an attractive number that will surprise you.

When players want to buy more advanced and modern weapons, to be able to shoot more fish, they need to own a certain amount of coins, and change them into coins. In addition, the number of coins can be exchanged for real money and withdrawn to your betting account.

It can be said that Cai Shen Fishing is a simple game, has many different bet levels and is suitable for those who are new to betting. If you want to win, conveniently kill the big fish, you must understand the features and know how to use bullets. In addition, cultivating knowledge of shooting fish is also essential, it helps you increase your chances of receiving coins.

Some Tips for Playing Cai Shen Fishing

If you want to win, you not only understand the rules of the game, possess powerful weapons, you also have to learn game tips from the masters of shooting fish.

Mustache Strategy

This strategy is progressed by the player will shoot the small fish first with just one bullet and so on, the player will destroy the big fish that has been hit by the previous players. And this is the most used tactic because it is very effective and highly accurate.

Shoot Fish In Groups

This is a fishing tip for experienced players, requiring players to shoot accurately. Players should use level 2 bullets, shoot continuously at the fish from 3 to 5 times if they follow each group of about 10 fish. Then the result you get is a large number of coins from the destroyed small fish.

Shoot Big Fish At The Right Time

Because the result of this trick is extremely attractive, it is applied by many people. This way of playing is suitable for strong bettors, because the big fish need a lot of bullets and strong weapons.

How To Play Cai Shen Fishing

  • Step 1: Players access Ufabetsg Online Casino, register an account by contacting customer service by Live chat, whatsapp.
  • Step 2: After successful registration, log in to your account, deposit your bets.
  • Step 3: At the homepage click on the items fish tables.
  • Step 4: Click on “Cai Shen Fishing” and play.


Ufabetsg promises Cai Shen Fishing game is the perfect game for those who are passionate about betting and enjoy entertainment. Many attractive things, great experiences for you when participating in this game. Quickly contact us and bet, Ufabetsg will accompany you in every game. Good luck to you!