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Poker is a card game originating in America, which appeared in the 19th century. Players join Poker not only to bet but also to train intelligence, acumen, and delicate observation. Poker games are held in many Western casinos, including a very professional playing system. Poker is now introduced around the world and has become a popular card game.

Poker is not just a game of entertainment, it is seen as a profession for a living. There are many recognized millionaires around the world who are professional poker players. Players only need a little analytical mind to be able to completely make money thanks to Poker.

Ufabetsg offers the following articles for players who want to learn about Poker. Poker has very long rules of the game so the information is summarized by Ufabetsg in the simplest and most basic way so that players can quickly get acquainted with the gameplay.

How To Play Poker Card

1. Introduction To Poker Game Card

Poker is a game that uses a 52-card deck of cards like Lucky Bull card. In each poker hand, the dealer will divide the cards separately for each person and the general cards are revealed on the table. Poker participants will compete with each other through each round.

The winner is the person with the strongest combination of cards (from separate cards and joint cards) when all cards are shown at the end of each game, or the last Raise without anyone following. You can easily imagine through the illustration below

  • Your opponent’s own card
  • General card
  • Your own card

2. How To Play Poker

Depending on the different places, the playing style of each person, Poker has many different variations. In which Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant, if a player only mentioned Poker, it could be implied that Texas Hold’em. Let’s learn how to play Poker in this genre with Ufabetsg below.

2.1. General Rules

  • Usually there are 2 to 10 people on a poker table. For online poker, there will be 9-person, 6-person or 2-person tables.
  • In order for players to determine their positions, there is always a round symbol around the letter D (Dealer) on the poker table. D position will rotate clockwise after each game.
  • Each player is divided into two cards separately, and 5 common cards will be turned out in the middle of the table. A full game of poker consists of 5 betting rounds. The player with the strongest cards consisting of generic cards and separate cards will be the winner. However, the hand can still end 4 rounds earlier if Raise player and the others Fold do not follow. Then the Raise will win.
  • Pot is the amount of bet that is collected together in one place after each betting round. When the player’s stakes are equal and no one is Raise then the betting round ends.
  • The person who receives the Pot money will be the winner of the bet. In case you have wagered all the money before everyone, you can only eat the money in the pot until the moment of All -in.

2.2. Player’s Choices Through Each Betting Round

  • Fold: A player who has a bad card or doesn’t want to continue Raise with another player can stop playing and wait for a new game. Note the player loses the amount previously wagered.
  • Bet: Player bets when no one has done so yet. And other players who want to bet must place the same amount or bigger, otherwise Fold.
  • Call: The player pays the same amount of money as the previous player bet to continue playing
  • Raise: Once there is a bet, the following player can choose to either continue to fold or to fold, or to place additional bets, also known as Raise. This shows they have very strong cards.
  • All-in: A player bets or raises the entire amount of money they have in hand. After All -in the hand is still playing, the player can simply sit and watch until they face the card.
  • Check: Used to indicate a situation where no one is betting and neither of the players. They wait to see what the next action looks like.

2.3. Sequence Of Poker Game Card 

Money Blind is the mandatory bet that two players on the left hand side of the Dealer position must place at the beginning of the poker game. The first player’s bet is called the small blind. The next person is called the big blind and it is also the minimum stake in upcoming betting rounds. This is called blind money because players have to bet before they know what cards they will be dealing with.

The card division will take place after the blind money has been staked. Each player will be dealt two separate cards and go to the next 4 betting rounds:

  • Round 1: Pre-flop

This is the round that happens right after the player knows what two cards they have. The player to the left of the big blind will act first. Depending on needs, players can choose Fold or flow card, place bets, … Just like that the game will be played around the table clockwise.

When each player’s money is equal, the betting round ends. All bets will be rolled over a pot and the next round begins.

  • Round 2: Flop

The first 3 joint cards are revealed one after another. Similar to the previous round, betting is started with the first person to the left of the Dealer. However, in this round, the player can choose Check to pass the turn to the next player if there is no one before.

  • Round 3: Turn

The fourth joint card will be rolled over and the remaining players will proceed to a new round of betting just like in the previous round.

  • Round 4: River

Players will know how strong and weak cards they have when the last joint card is flipped. The player then proceeds to the last betting round with the same format as the previous betting round.

If the number of players remaining at the end of this round is greater than 1, all players will showdown. The winner of the Pot is the person with the strongest cards according to the rankings. The Dealer position will be moved to the next player clockwise for the new hand.

3. Card Rank in Poker

Players must combine 2 separate cards and 5 common cards to form the strongest card combination of 5 cards. Note how many separate cards players use, either 1 card or 2 cards can be used and may not be used at all.

The player after matching cards will have one of the hands below. Unlike other card games, the Poker suit or card color has no meaning nor is it used to determine strong or weak. If the hand card is the same but the suit is different, the card has the same value

  • Royal Flush: This is the strongest hand card with 5 cards 10, J, Q, K, A suit.
  • Straight Flush: Used to refer to 5 cards in a row with the suit. If both players have straight flush then the player with the highest card wins.
  • Four of a kind: Consists of 4 identical cards and one single card. If both players have four of a kind, the player with the larger four of a kind wins. If they have the same four of a kind (since the four of a kind is in the 5 cards together) then the player with the larger odd card wins.
  • Full house: A combination of 1 Three of a kind and 1 Two Pair. If two players both own a Full house, which player has a larger Three of a kind then that player wins, if both players have the same Three of a kind then Two Pair is considered.
  • Flush: Consists of 5 cards of the suit but not in a row. If both players have Flush, the player with the bigger card wins. If the biggest card is equal then go to the 2nd card and so on.
  • Straight: Includes 5 consecutive cards without suit. If more than one player has the same Straight, the player with the highest card wins.
  • Three of a kind: Consists of three of the same cards. If two players both have the same Three of a kind, which player is the higher of the Three of a kind then that player wins. In case both have the same Three of a kind, they will compare two odd cards in turn.
  • Two Pair: Includes 2 different pairs and 1 odd card. If all players have Two Pair, the player with the larger Two Pair wins. If there is no winning streak with Two Pair then compare the cards oddly. 
  • Pair: Two players with two identical cards, the player with the bigger Pair wins. Then take turns comparing the other 3 cards in case players have the same Pair.
  • High Card: Player has the highest 5 cards out of the 7 cards, in addition there is no linkage between the cards. When more than one person has the same High card, each person’s highest card will be decided. If it is still the same, compare to the next card.


Above is all instructions on how to play Poker by Ufabetsg. Poker rules are not too difficult, players only need to learn and participate in the experience for a few hours to be able to play. However, to become a professional, it takes a lot of practice, requiring players to have a sharp mindset and a lot of experience. There are many articles about Poker, players can refer to at Ufabetsg.

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