Some Typical Strategies When Playing Online Roulette At Ufabetsg Singapore

How to win is one of the concerns of players when participating in online roulette betting. This depends on a lot of factors including the player’s betting mentality. Ufabetsg online casino Singapore offers players several roulette betting strategies. Hopefully the following information will help players have great moments of betting.

Easy Game Rules Beginners Need To Know:

  • Players can bet on any number box they want
  • Before placing a bet, consider the decisions. Bet costs are also a big deal. Players can bet one tile, many tiles, one row or many rows. There are also even, odd, or color based bets.
  • Depending on the dealer that the wheel will rotate in any rotation. However, the ball is always thrown in the opposite direction of the wheel.
  • Where the ball stops, it is the winning position. If the bet wins, the player will receive a bonus depending on the odds they initially chose.

Top 5 Roulette Strategies Players Need To Learn:

  • Martingale Strategy:

For this strategy, the player’s chance of winning is 50%. Compared to other strategies, Martingale is the most used by many players when betting on Roulette. The player multiplies the two stakes after each losing game. Regardless of how much the player bets, the Martingale strategy can compensate for losses. Also helps players regain a few small benefits. This is a strategy to help players be more active in online betting.

Players bet when the ball is thrown. The result of the match, even if it does not bring an advantage, the player must still double the amount of the previous game bet. And this is still going, the next game stakes are doubled and the player’s win stops.

After a few games the stake must be doubled, until the player wins, the amount received can compensate for the previous losses. Players can still have some extra profit after making up the loss.

  • Strategy Reverse Martingale

This is a strategy that goes against the rules of strategy Martingale proposed. To start playing roulette betting and apply the strategy, a player must possess a certain amount of knowledge. The outcome of a match depends a lot on regulating the stakes to increase or decrease depending on the match situation.

The bettor before entering the match must set up a table. Including rules on minimum and maximum bets for yourself. Usually players will bet small amounts on colored squares.

Croupier has the task of spinning the wheel, and the player watches closely until the wheel stops, where the ball falls into any color. If the player feels that that day has not been lucky, they should make a small bet. Or bet on passion by multiplying the two costs of betting the same color.

In the event the player has lost the bet they should go back to the first level. Reverse Martingale can be said to be a risky strategy. Players who use to participate must be really calm, extremely rational.

  • Strategy D’Alembert

D ‘Alembert is also a roulette betting strategy that players need to consider. This is a strategy that brings players to a safe zone and is encouraged to use over the other two strategies. However, players who use this strategy need to have good computation.

Players start from small bets, which can be either an odd or an even bet. Next, the player creates a chance of winning for themselves by increasing the cost of betting if they realize that they can win. Worst case scenario a player’s winnings are equal to their loss.

  • The Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy was created by a famous math scientist in the world, the Italian named Fibonacci. So it is named identical to its biological father. Players will add up the last 2 bets placed together in order to gain more profit than frequently losing bets during the betting process.

Besides, many players also object to this approach. One thing to keep in mind when betting is betting on the numbered or red, and black areas that players desire. Then repeat the bets in small steps as originally arranged until losing. In the event of a lucky smile, the player returns 2 times in the numerical order and continues to place the bet.

  • The James Bond Strategy

After the famous movie Jame Bond came out, this strategy also appeared. However, to do it, the player initially costs a pretty large amount of 200 dollars. The James Bond strategy is made according to rules

  • Place a bet at $ 140 on the 19 to 36 numbered squares.
  • Place a bet for $ 50 on the numbered boxes 13 through 18.
  • Place a bet for $ 10 on 0 numbered boxes.

If the player has no luck placing the number range 1 to 12 then please execute the strategy first.


Ufabetsg Singapore online casino not only offers betting for players, but also offers lots of useful information. You are a roulette online enthusiast, you want to bet in a prestigious and quality environment. You need to have full knowledge and strategy of the game. Come to Ufabetsg – Singapore’s premier online casino. Here you will be given everything you love!