RTP Slots Game – Things To Know RTP Ratio

RTP is a term that is no stranger to those who are passionate about participating in Slot games for a long time. Or players who just need to follow the online streamer can also listen through RTP. So what is the specific concept of this term, how the integration with Slot and RTP affects players’ decisions in Slot.

What Is RTP?

The full name of RTP is Return To Player. This is a form of description of the amount a Slot machine will return to the player, with the condition of a large number of spins. RTP is expressed as a percentage.

Example: A Slot game machine has an RTP of 97%. That means players get $ 97 back for every $ 100 bet.

The most important thing players should note, the RTP rate is calculated based on a large number of spins. Usually the number of spins must reach millions of rounds, players can receive RTP. Therefore, for any slot machine that has a few hundred to several thousand spins, the player will receive the corresponding RTP rate.

RTP Algorithm In Slots

It’s not easy to set up RTP for a slot machine, it’s a complicated process. If there are many features and a large amount of payouts involved, game developers need to calculate them all so that the game will return the exact expected percentage.

Slot machines are always programmed to return a percentage of the total amount spent by the player. Depending on the game, there will be a corresponding RTP rate. Players will be refunded 98% of all the amount they wagered, if that Slot’s RTP is 98%.

Differences Of RTP Ratio And Variance

Often players confuse RTP with the variance of a game and vice versa. These two concepts are completely dissimilar, they are closely related. Recently, Ufabetsg explained in detail about RTP. Now let Ufabetsg briefly learn about variance.

Basically, the variance is the form of determining how the game’s RTP is perceived:

  • Low variance positions have high odds of winning, small value prizes, and vice versa. This will make it possible for players to play multiple rounds without interruption.
  •  Games with higher variance often have a low hit rate (seemingly never), once they are won the valuable prize is huge.

Players should remember that not all Slot games have a high RTP. This depends on the player’s betting budget. Generally speaking, if Slot game has a high RTP, it is always a better choice than games with a lower percentage. However if the game the player chooses has a lot of volatility, the player may go through thousands of spins before receiving the RTP.

Online and Traditional Slot Machines, What Are Games With Better RTP Ratio?

According to the reviews of players who have participated in online casino and traditional casinos, online slots games are much better. Although the betting market has many pitfalls and misjudged reviews, the RTP of Online Slot is not one of them.

In fact, in many cases, online slots always get a better rating. Most online slot machines, even if it is the same game, have a much higher RTP.

Typically traditional Slots machines will return between 70% and 90%, very rarely exceeding 92%. However, online slot machines usually provide RTP rates from 96%. Any online slots that offer between 94% and 95% is considered bad.

The reason for the difference between traditional and online slots is that traditional slot machines have limited space to operate. As a result, casino operators often have to make more profits from slot machines. For online slots, players are free to join whatever game they love. Therefore, the rate of RTP the player receives will also be higher.

Some Facts About RTP You Should Know

If players want to understand more about RTP rate and avoid misunderstanding about this concept when participating in Slot game. Players can follow the information below:

  • Online casino can take the majority of slot machines RTP ratio

This is not true, Ufabetsg and other bookmakers like Fun88v.com do not own slot machines, they only offer slot games to players. Usually Slot games come from famous game publishers.

In addition, Slot games are provided on the publisher’s server. Ufabetsg does not have access to and change core RTP settings. Some vendors of the game with some RTP variations (like Play’n GO), but the Ufabetsg cannot change the game’s settings randomly at will.

  • RTP is completely irrelevant in one turn

This may or may not be true, anything can happen in a single spin. The game’s actual RTP may not be achieved either way. However, on average, a slot with 96% RTP will outperform a slot with 85% RTP. Therefore, the player can still win or lose both of these slots. Note, if the player chooses the game with the higher RTP, the player will have a greater chance of winning. Therefore, it is very important to choose games that have the right RTP.

  • The progressive jackpot affects the RTP of a game slot.

In most cases this is true.

For example, progressive jackpot slots may have advertised an RTP as 94%, but a portion of that RTP is usually done through progressive jackpot. This means that, unless the player actually wins the jackpot, the player will be playing the game with a significantly lower RTP than what’s advertised.

Top 10 Slot Games With The Highest RTP Rate

To choose the RTP with the best rate, players can choose one of the following games:

Slot GamesRTP(%)
Mega JokerUp to 99%
Jackpot 6000Up to 98,8%
Chess Mate98,7%
1429 Uncharted Seas 98.6%
Monopoly on the Money up to 98.1%
Bloodsuckers 98%
Starmania 97.87%
Kings of Chicago 97.8%
Devil’s Delight 97.6%
Big Bad Wolf 97.4%


Above is all the information you need to know about the RTP rate of Slot games. If players want a high RTP rate, they can refer to the list of 10 best games on the market provided by Ufabetsg. At Ufabetsg there are many other equally interesting games. Quickly sign up for a betting and betting account today. Ufabetsg wishes you luck!