Sicbo And Bet Types When Joining This Game At Online Casino Singapore

About Sicbo Game:

Sicbo is a betting game originating from China, this game is also known as tai sai (大 細), dai Siu (大小). Since its creation until now, the game Sicbo has achieved many great achievements in the field of betting. The game is known for the combination of 3 dice. Along with the times in many other countries, the game of Sicbo has changed to better match the betting style of the player in each place. Join us to follow the article below to understand more about Sicbo online.

Top 7 Bet Types New Players Need To Know

  • Face the dice:

For this bet type the player makes a bet based on their prediction that the number will appear on the surface of the dice. If the number is correct, the player is lucky to win. If both dice have the selected number, the amount the player will receive is 2 times. Similarly, it would be tripled if all 3 dice were the same and coincided with the player’s expectations. play. Usually online casinos receive an 8% win rate.

  • Two-sided:

This bet is predicted from 1 sum of two numbers. For example, a player bets money on numbers from 1 to 6 if they appear the player wins. The odds offered by the casino to the player are 5: 1. The benefit the casino receives for this bet type is 17% or more.

  • Total:

A total of 3 dice is also an option for the player to bet. As part of the random option it is possible to bet numbers from 4 to 17. However more flexible combinations of bets are required in order for a result to work.

  • Over / Under:

There are two options for the player to bet at this time. If the total score is between 4 and 10, the player wins if bet Under and 11 to 17 points if bet Over. In this type of bet the casino only gets the advantage of 3% so it can be said that this is the ideal betting method for many players.

  • Triple:

As soon as the numbers appear on the dice sides the player makes a bet. If the lucky player wins then the amount is calculated at the odds of 150: 1. The casino’s advantage at the moment is 30% and the odds that can support player bets is 125: 1

  • Any trio:

It can be said that this is an extremely simple betting category. Players can bet on any trio they can get. The payback is 24: 1 for this bet type and can reach up to 35: 1. This gives the casino a chance to raise it up to 30%.

  • Any pair:

Players can bet on any occurrence of 2 combinations. The odds they can take home when they win is 8: 1. This is the betting type that is arguably the most unfavorable for the player as the casino benefits of up to 33%.


In order to bet on Sicbo game, players need to have knowledge of what the game is and what the game is like first at online casino Singapore. Also the free bets cannot afford to be fully equipped to participate in betting matches. Know and understand all types of bets and betting methods. What are the weaknesses and what are the advantages of the casino from which the right decision can be made. Ufabetsg is confident that the casino has a wide choice of players coming to Sicbo betting with higher payout rates than many other online casinos. We hope players will have a great experience coming here to play.