Online Sicbo At Singapore Online Casino

What Is Sicbo?

Sicbo is a betting game with a simple set of 3 dice. In Asia, this game is quite popular. After a period of appearing in the market, Sicbo has gradually spread to Western countries and is widely received.

Sicbo can be said to be a very simple betting game. Singapore online casino all offer this betting. The game has easy-to-understand and realistic rules, so those who are new to betting can understand it just by looking at it a few times.

Sic bo Games At Ufabetsg Casino:

In Sicbo or Craps online Singapore there are many options for players to bet on. These types of bets can be divided into six main types of bets, each with different odds. Also depending on the online casino there will be variation of the bonus amount corresponding to the odds. Sicbo has many betting variations that exist across many online and traditional casinos around the world. Here are the popular Sicbo bet types and odds at Ufabetsg.

  • Any number

Based on results from 1 to 6 players can choose. If the player wins, the player continues to perform one more spin. The payout odds for this bet type are 1: 1 for matching winning numbers, 2: 1 if two numbers match and 3: 1 if there are three matching dice.

  • Two dice combinations

This is a bet based on a combination of 2 dice of the same value. The payout the player receives for winning is 8: 1.

  • Triple

The player wins this bet if all 3 dice show the same number. The result could be three numbers 1, three numbers 2, three numbers 3, three numbers 4, three numbers 5 or three numbers 6. Since this is a bet that is hard to win, the payout players can receive is 150: 1.

  • Any triple

This bet is any combination of any trio based on 6 numbers that correspond to the 6 sides of the dice. The usual payout a player receives is 24: 1

  • Totals

With 14 different options based on the sum of all combinations of the three dice. For this type of bet the payout usually ranges from 6: 1 to 50: 1. The payout ratio is stable, easy bet has many options, so this bet is very popular with many players.

  • Big and small

This bet is based on the total score of the 3 dice. If the player bets Under, it is 4 to 10, or Over is between 11 and 17. The bonus paid on this bet is 1: 1.

  • Odd even

This bet is based on the total score of the 3 dice. Applying the Big / Small rule, any bet can be either odd or even. The player loses money if the dice roll with the trio. This type of bet is normally 1: 1 bonus

How To Play Sicbo Betting At Ufabetsg Online Casino:

Initially, when approaching Sicbo, many people judged that this game seemed difficult, and complicated. However, it is really just a betting game with high luck. The player does not need to put in too much effort to master this game. Sicbo betting is mainly based on rolling three dice. The player’s goal is to accurately predict the outcome of a particular roll.

Depending on the type of bet, and corresponding to the amount, Singapore players have many options to bet. Here are the things players need to keep in mind in order to participate in better Sicbo betting, which offers more chances to win.

  • Payments and odds:

Players want to play Sicbo odds based on the bet type. If the odds are harder, the bonus will be higher. Payout ranges from 1: 1 to 150: 1 for all large and small bets.

  • Sicbo rules:

A player’s main goal is to bet on the following possible doors before the dice are rolled once. Players start betting by selecting chips, placing chips in the appropriate betting areas.

Next, the dealer will insert the iron cage into the cage containing 3 dice. Three balls will bounce and stop completely then display the results. On a player’s betting area, which area is bright means the player receives victory.

As has been said Sicbo is a game of chance, players have no specific strategy when betting. The most important thing is that players should find themselves at an appropriate odds.

  • Play Sicbo Online:

Just a few simple steps of registering to become a full member of Ufabetsg casino players can join online Sicbo betting. This game only requires players to deposit chips according to their finances. Online Sicbo rules are similar to traditional casinos. Actually there are a lot of players who win and get high odds when playing Sicbo online.


Coming to the Ufabetsg dealer, players can not only participate in Sicbo betting but also have many other interesting games. Ufabetsg online casino Singapore believes in giving players the most enjoyable experience possible. A lot of attractive rewards are waiting for players to join and receive!