How to Play Starburst Slots at King855

What Is Starburst Slots?

Starburst Slots is one of the most creative betting games available to players. When playing with this game, players will have a lot of energy, removing all barriers they have encountered with classic slot machines before.

Starburst Slots is not that different from other slots. However, it is chosen often by the player. It is also possible that the game payout is too expensive, the tendency to receive bonuses more often than other games. And players can win with many different spin.

In the Starburst Slots game there are 5 reels, for a total of 10 lines that pay corresponding to 50,000 coins. This is how much players can get from their mobile or PC live betting. In addition, Starburst Slots is available on NetEnt’s mobile platform, so players can bet on any operating system.

Game Theme Starburst Slots At King855

When it comes to betting at King85, players only need to bet a few times, and will realize the similarities between Starburst Slots and Bejeweled betting. Both games have a similar theme, the game colors are extremely vibrant. Includes blue, purple, yellow, orange and green colors.

After a few rounds of play the player will be mesmerized by Starburst Slots. Not only does the game have brightly colored icons, the game also has 7 different icons and it is the highest paid icon.

While betting is sometimes fortunate, not whenever a player can win. Starburst Slots gives players in addition to the bonus, the relaxation, the soothing sounds of the game, the excitement of betting that makes players forget about all the fatigue and stress.

Features Of Starburst Slots Game

Players will always be entertained whenever they want to try their luck. Starburst Slots has many different features on slot machines, from the Win feature to the Wilds feature that amaze players. Especially to mention is the automatic feature, players will be allowed to sit back, watch the reel they like, without having to click or press any buttons.

During betting, players can also change settings to control autoplay features if they so wish.

Or there is another called the “skill stop” feature. With this feature the player allows to stop scrolling manually most with just one click. However, the results of the rotation will be determined at random. Many players use this feature to control which symbols land on the spindle.

Bonus Round For Winning Starburst Slots At King855

Starburst Slots has two bonus rounds that delight players: the Starbust Wilds bonus round and the Win Both Ways bonus round.

  • Starbust Wilds bonus round will be activated when a wild symbol appears on the three middle reels. That means they will expand and fill the scrolls with wild characters. This is followed by an award-winning spin.

In the event the wild symbol is repeated again another bonus round will be added. This is repeated up to 5 times. If you are a good player in Slots betting, you can take advantage of these 5 times to win a small amount of winnings.

  • In this game, it doesn’t matter which combination it is winning. Because once the player falls on the reel they will receive the corresponding payout, regardless of whether they are right to left or vice versa.

The best way is when betting, King855 advises players to review the payout table. From there learn about different victories. Players can hover over each icon individually. Or visit to see each specific payment information.

Starburst Slots Payment Limits

Depending on where players choose to pay, there will be a different limit. It can be from 0.01 to 1.00. King855 has up to 10 different limits for players to choose from. Regardless of which coin the player uses to place a bet.

For those who take high stakes will be interested in the highest stakes. On the contrary, normal gamblers will be satisfied. Because this is a reasonable bet and suitable for many people’s pockets.

At first glance this game has 10 pay lines, but if anyone who is a connoisseur of the game can see Starburst Slots has up to 20 cash lines. The payouts are flexible, the betting budget is up to each player’s choice. King855 specifies a minimum of 0.1 and a maximum of 100.00 per spin.

How To Play Starburst Slots At King855:

In other words, Starburst Slots is a 3D betting machine with a coin-matching crafting. Players have a wide variety of payout lines, affordable stakes, and an enjoyable overall experience. When betting on Starburst Slots at King855 players will experience a state of the art graphics, quality sound that takes to a whole new level of online betting. How to bet Starburst Slots at King855 is as follows:

  • Step 1: Access to homepage Ufabetsg
  • Step 2: Select the game slots you love. Such as Starburst Slots. Adjust the bet amount accordingly.
  • Step 3: Place bets, draw numbers and wait for the results.

Win or lose King855 will pay players specific before starting a new bet.


Well-known as the application that offers betting Slots in the Singapore market. King855 believes that with just one betting experience players will not be able to leave. Applications provided by trusted online casinos, where players can deposit their trust when placing bets.