Techno Tumble Slots – How To Play Techno Tumble At Online Casino

Techno Tumble is a slot game genre with a novel theme. In the game there are no legendary characters or animals. The entire game icon is an image of colorful small marbles. They offer attractive bonus features. Let’s learn about Techno Tumble with Ufabetsg based on the information below.

Overview Techno Tumble

  • RTP: 96.730%
  • Maximum Bet: 12.50
  • Minimum Bet: 25
  • Level: 5
The Law Of Techno Tumble At Ufabetsg

The Law Of Techno Tumble At Ufabetsg

Techno Tumble

  • Up to 45 symbols appear at any given round.
  • All symbols are logically stopped according to the physics engine. bonuses will be recognised.
  • All symbols of the same type that touch each other will pay according to the paytable.
  • All symbols will be deleted if there is no winning combination. Next 1 additional round of crash is rewarded, and the game multiplier increases by +1.

Wild Symbol

  • Substitutes for all symbols except Scatter symbols.
  • Wild symbols cannot pay and can only form part of another combination.
  • Wild symbols can be part of many combinations.

Scatter Symbol

  • 3 Scatter symbols or more will be paid $12.5
  • If player wins Scatter symbols, bonus = number of symbols x total stake.
  • Scatter can be paid at any position.
  • After all winning combinations are paid out, the Scatter will be paid out.

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Blue marbles45024015060207
Orange marbles2401007030125
Pink marbles4025151063


With all the details about Techno Tumble, Ufabetsg hopes players will have a better understanding of this game. Online casino has many other equally attractive games, if players like it, just register an account and place a bet. Customer care service will support players anytime, anywhere. Good luck players!