Terms of use:

At Ufabetsg.com customers have a list of terms to refer to if they wish to register to bet. Once you have understood and accepted these terms, simply click the agree box and go to the website to open a betting account.

Any customer who plays at Ufabetsg will be bound by the rules set by the casino. The casino side reserves the right to modify such betting conditions and rules. Please follow the update regularly to avoid betting violations.

For player convenience Ufabetsg translates the terms into a variety of languages. English is the official version and is posted on the homepage. Note: Once you have accepted the change of terms, it cannot be canceled. For previously unpaid bets will be handled according to the prevailing terms.

These Customer Rules Are Not Allowed To:

The software is for betting purposes only, not for personal use.

Each player owns a separate account. If there is an assignment, a clear license is required.

Registered name and account registration information are kept intact, not changed or copied.

Electronic information must be confidential, not copied and provided outside.

The software has a betting feature, which does not change according to individual preferences.

Customers are responsible for the software during use.

Strictly maintain the information provided by the supplier and comply with the original betting rules.

Customers must compensate if they violate the software use.

If the winner is not verified, the account and the amount are reserved. Players wishing to receive bonuses must verify their account and ID matches the ID held by the casino.

The company side will withdraw the entire account, and lock it if the player intends to take advantage of the offer for other purposes.

Bonuses received by customers when winning will be handled by a 3rd party. Within the first 14 days of the next month, the company will pay the player. In case the third party does not make it in time, the customer accepts to ask the company to protect the complaint or handle costs.