Total Bookings – Bets on Yellow Card , Bets on Red Card – Gameplay And Experience

Football is the most popular sport in the world. So betting on football is very diverse, almost all bookmakers offer soccer bets with many different types of bet. In addition to the main markets such as the Asian handicap, odds 1X2 we often see, there are also sub-markets such as the Corners, To Kick Off, Total Bookings, … are also chosen by many players to participate.

If you are new to betting, and want to learn about the many different types of bets, you can try to look at Bets On Yellow cards, Bets On Red Card. This type of bet appears in all matches and has a high number of people betting. Specific information about how this rafter is invited to join us in the following article:

What Are Bets On Yellow cards And Bets On Red Card In Football?

Total Bookings, Bets On Yellow cards and Bets On Red Card are the type of bet a player will have to predict during the match how many cards will be drawn. The period in which the handicap is settled is counted until the end of the match. Players then place bets based on the odds offered by the online casino Singapore like Gogbet

For the purpose of a wide variety of markets for players to choose from, making matches and bets even more interesting Total Bookings is included in football betting at bookies online

However, according to the betting experts, Total Bookings is a difficult handicap with high risk nature and new players should not play because they do not know how to observe the game, and have little betting experience.

Types Of Total Bookings In Football Betting

As for the glutes: Total Bookings, bet on yellow card, bet on Red card , you can bet at the first half, full match, both teams or just one team and you can bet on running.

When the match is over, wagering results are based on the total number of cards, note that extra time is not included.

  • Card number bet: Yellow card = 1 & Red card = 2. If a player receives 2 yellow cards and the result is red card then he gets 3 cards in total.
  • Card points bet: Yellow card = 10 & Red card = 25. If a player receives 2 yellow cards and the result is red card draw then he gets 35 total card points.

If yellow card and red card are drawn within the playing field then it is considered valid. Therefore, if cards are drawn to a substitute or a coach, it does not count.

  • Total Bookings handicap:

Similar to Asian Handicap, includes the team on the top and bottom. Bookmakers will show the handicap and the player selects then shows the betting result.

  • Total Bookings over / under:

Based on the odds offered by bookmakers, the player predicts how much the referee will draw in order to place an Over/Under.

  • Total Bookings Even / Odd:

This type of bet can be charged either Yellow card or Red card separately. Players will predict whether the number of Yellow cards, Red card at the end of the match will be either odd or even based on the total score.

  • Bets On Yellow cards:

Player bets how many Yellow cards will appear in the match. Note that 1 Red card does not count as 2 Yellow cards.

  • Bets On Red card:

Similar to placing a Yellow card bet, a player bets the number of Red cards that will appear in the match. However 2 Yellow cards cannot be combined into 1 Red card.

  • Predict how many cards the football players will have:

To increase the attractiveness of the game to players, also offers a special type of bet, aimed at a player or coach for the player to choose to bet.

Experience To Play Total Bookings In The Football Betting

Bets On Yellow cards, Bets On Red card, handicap is not only based on individual luck. Players must also apply some more experience to improve their odds of winning:

  • Before placing a bet, the player should find out who the referee is taking the match, and the referee’s card draw history. In addition, it is necessary to find out information about the soccer teams of the teams. Usually, the team that possesses a solid kick, the number of cards drawn will be quite a lot.
  • Players should choose a team with a long history of rivalries to bet on Bets On Yellow cards, Bets On Red card. The matches will take place very fiercely among the team, the rate of penalty card appearance is quite high.
  • Players must observe the game situation and the progress of the match to place bets on running. Players can make predictions based on the mentality and playstyle of players when entering the field to bet.
  • When placing Total Bookings should choose certain team, they are teams with aggressive style, the rate of card reception is higher than other players. Players can choose the matches they play to place their bets on.


Above is the basic information about Bets On Yellow cards, Bets On Red card that Ufabetsg wants to share with players. Hopefully, through this article, players will understand more clearly and easily get acquainted and bet on these types of markets.

Ban is a football enthusiast, you are looking for reputable and quality bookmakers to join, you can come to Ufabetsg. Here we serve many different types of markets, and many big and small matches around the world for you to choose from.

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