How To Play Virtual Basketball Betting ?

What Is Virtual Basketball?

Basketball is one of the most popular online sports games. Currently, basketball is also included in virtual sports, meeting the needs of those who are passionate about betting. Similar to other virtual sports, virtual basketball is simulated from real matches. Each virtual basketball match has the presence of two teams, the time is much shorter than the real football match.

You love to bet basketball, you can bet anytime, anywhere. Just need your mobile or betting device to have an internet connection. Hopefully with this utility, you will be able to make your bets, make accurate judgments. So the new game is as effective as expected.

For virtual basketball, the casino will have different types of odds. Corresponding to each type of market is different odds. From there, players will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable match type possible.

Virtual Basketball Betting Singapore

How To  Play Virtual Basketball Betting At Ufabetsg Online Casino:

With virtual basketball betting, you will have an enjoyable experience whenever you want. Up to 16 teams are competing in consecutive seasons created by the manufacturers. Each season lasts up to 30 competition days.

The total length of a season is 106: 30 minutes. These include “before tournament”, “match days”, “after tournament”. The “pre-tournament” phase will last for 1 minute, “match days” will last for 105 minutes and the “end of tournament” phase will last for 30 seconds.

Each day, the casino will update the basketball match time to 3:30 minutes. Each match is divided into many different small stages. This includes: pre-match, 1st half, 2nd half, mid-half break, 3rd half, 4th half and post game period. If there is a tie between the two teams, an extra time will take place.

For virtual basketball, you can bet 10 seconds earlier before the game starts. Alternatively you can bet for the next season still open. When placing a bet, you will have the options below for your reference:

  • Moneyline: Score after 4 games including extra bets, 1 if the home team wins or 2 if the away bet wins.
  •  End of Game – Over / Under: Total points scored by both teams in the match, including Extra Game Over / Under.
  • End of Game – Handicap:
  • Handicap bets can be added to the score at the end of the match. Which team wins if all the conditions offered are met. (1- home team wins, 2- away team wins).
  • 1st Half – Moneyline: Team wins the first 2 Games (1 – home win; x – draw; 2 – away win).
  • 1st Half – Over / Under: Total number of points scored in the 1st half (1 – home win; 2 – away win).
  • 1st Half – Handicap: Handicap is added to the score between a match and the winner is the winner of the conditions (1 – home wins; 2 – away wins).

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Some Tips To Win Fantasy Basketball Betting:

  • Pay attention to capital issues and gameplay

Stakes are a must when participating in a betting match. Betting on virtual sports is considered a healthy entertainment. The duration of virtual sports matches is usually held in a very short period of time. So the number of matches that casinos provide for players is very large.

You should not bet all your money at once. Make sure you have enough money to maintain your next matches. Each player needs to have a betting strategy and manage their own bets

  • Do not attempt to find and play by a certain rule

Since it is a sports bet, the outcome of the bet must have an element of luck. You should understand that there is no set and changing chronological rule when betting on virtual basketball. So do not spend too much time finding and applying a certain betting rule.

  • No consecutive bets on matches

Professional virtual sports betting players claim that players should not bet more than 5 consecutive games at a time. So you will not be alert enough, lucid in the betting activities, read the odds and judge the possible situations when betting.

If you keep betting, betting nonstop, chances are you will lose quickly.

  • There is a daily limit of bets

Because each match takes place in a short time, and many matches are continuously going on. So you easily get caught up in the line of bets, the amount you spend on each bet can be small. However, if you add up all of them, it will surprise you. So to reduce your risk, you should set a betting limit for yourself. Whether you win or lose, to the point of that bet you should stop.

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How To Register Virtual Basketball Betting Account At Ufabetsg Singapore:

  • Step 1: Sign up for a personal account at Ufabetsg homepage
  • Step 2: Check your account balance, make a deposit if necessary to maintain your betting account.
  • Step 3: Select the virtual sports category, then choose the sport you like. Next select the tournament by date and time.
  • Step 4: Place a bet according to the desired odds, type and bet level, according to your own ability.
  • Step 5: Watch the match and wait for the results to decide whether to win or lose.


Ufabetsg online casino hopes that with the above information it can help you better understand virtual basketball betting and what is required if you want to play betting. There are many other virtual sports betting available at Ufabetsg. If you are interested in betting, please follow the instructions above to start your betting activity at casino online Ufabetsg.

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