How To Play Virtual Tennis Betting ?

What Is Virtual Tennis?

When it comes to virtual sports betting, often players immediately remember football. However this is a big mistake, there are many other virtual sports players can choose to bet on, not to mention tennis. This betting game appeared not long ago, but attracted many players to join.

Similar to soccer, virtual tennis betting also has its own rules and rules. The game is also run and managed by online casinos. However, players should still find themselves a place to gamble safely, with quality, to minimize the possible risks. Ufabetsg is one of the places that players should refer to if wishing to bet on virtual tennis.

Virtual Tennis Betting

General Rules For Virtual Tennis Betting:

For tennis matches, when each match ends, both teams will swap pitch. In odd-number matches, players will be given 1 minute and 30 seconds off. And for every set that ends, there will be a 2 minute break.

During the match, the matches will change, depending on the match there will be different rules. Usually each match like that will have from 3 to 5 sets. Players wishing to place bets must carefully learn the match information, players and betting history. For single or female teams, there will be 3 sets. The team that dominates 2 sets, that team wins.

For men’s singles or doubles matches, there will be 5 sets. The team that wins 3 or more sets will win. In terms of virtual tennis competitions, men have even higher requirements. So players should pay attention to this difference before placing a bet. If they bet accordingly, their chances of winning will be high.

Virtual Tennis Betting

Fantasy Tennis Bet Types:

  • Open Bets:

This is a bet type that allows players to bet according to the outcome of the match.

  • Handicap Bets:

Handicap betting in Tennis is also known as Game Spread. For this bet type, the stronger side will hand the opponent 1 game. And bets have action at the end of the match without any effect on the original betting rule.

  • Over / Under (sum of games played in a tournament)

These bet type players place bets based on the total number of bets taken in a particular match.

  • Odd / Even bets

This bet is also based on the total number of bets taken. And use even or odd numbers to determine whether to win or lose.

  • First Game Winner

Player bets on which player will score the first goal in that match. Wagers are still valid if one of the team players retires after the first game has been completed. However the first game is not completed and all bets on the first game winner will be void

  • In Battle

Players can place bets as soon as the match takes place during the match. These could be in-game handicaps and over / under in game. The amount of time a match is played is also how long a player can bet.

  • In-game, Over / Under

If the final result of the match has more goals than originally predicted, it is called “Over”, otherwise it will be called “Under”.

Virtual Tennis Betting

Virtual Tennis Betting Tips:

  • The results of virtual sports betting are random, and it’s hard for players to guess. So no matter which team is in the top match, it doesn’t mean they’ll get stronger and have a higher chance of winning.
  • For initial betting matches, players should not bet too much money. Instead, you should start with the lowest bet, and gradually increase after. Since betting on virtual sports takes place quite quickly, every bet needs to be sensitive and careful before making a decision.
  • Players should take into account the overall calculation of their bets. And don’t forget that virtual sports results are random, with a very high degree of chance.
  • The number of virtual tennis matches is not limited and can be consecutive. Players can join at any time, however this sometimes affects their personal account a lot. Players need to have a specific plan and limit the amount of money to bet for themselves.

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