What Is 1×2 Betting? How To Predict 1×2 Betting At Online Bookmakers

Any player who is passionate about soccer betting knows the 1×2 odds concept. This is one of the most popular types of rafters that many players apply. Where is the 1×2 Betting prediction way to win. Let Ufabetsg.com learn about the concept and how to bet 1×2 odds.

What Is 1x2 Betting

What Is 1×2 Betting? 

1×2 betting is a type of bet, when participating players will bet 3 way: Win, Lose and Draw with odds of bookmaker offered. 1×2 Betting is very popular when online football betting at bookmakers like CMD368. Players who want to participate in 1×2 Betting need to have a thorough knowledge of 1×2 Betting. From there predict the match. 

There are 3 options for players when participating in 1×2 Betting are Win – Loss and Draw. Depending on the needs of each player, players can choose the team they like or the team with the right odds. 1×2 Betting is not as diverse as the Asian Handicap.

How To Predict 1×2 Betting

 In order to predict 1×2 Betting, the player needs to understand the symbols of the odds chart. 

1×2 Betting is understood as follows: 

  • 1: Home Team: Player wins if betting on Home Team and the home team wins.
  • X: Draw: If the scores of two teams draw each other then the player wins. 
  • 2: Away Team: Player wins if betting on Away team and Away Team wins.

Currently there are 2 main types: 

  • FT.1X2: 1×2 Betting for Full Time. 
  • 1H.1X2: 1×2 Betting for the First Time. Equivalent to 3 bet selections, the player’s odds of winning are split evenly when in each hand it is 33.33%. It can be said that this is a pretty good bet for new players.

For example: Bookmakers gives an easy-to-understand example of 1×2 Betting. If a player bets $ 100 on one of three options: Liverpool wins, Everton wins and two teams draw then there are possible scenarios: 

  • Home: Liverpool Win. Bookmakers gave Liverpool a win rate of 3.4. Player bets $ 100. If Liverpool wins, the player receives a reward of $ 100 x 3.4 = $ 340. If Liverpool loses, the player loses their bet completely. 
  • Away: Everton win Bookmakers offers Everton’s odds of winning at 7.8 and players bet $ 100. If Everton wins, the amount the player will receive is $ 100 x 7.8 = $ 780. 
  • If Everton loses, the player loses all of the staked money. 2 Team Draw: Bookmakers offers a 5.0 team draw and player bets $ 100. If two teams draw then the player wins and receives $ 100 x 5.0 = $ 500. If Liverpool or Everton wins or loses, the player will lose all staked money.

Players can see that in 1×2 betting, betting on the under team takes a large amount. If placing on the Upper Team bet is not high. So many players tend to under-team although they can lose their bets. 

1×2 Betting At Bookmakers Play Experience 

  • Regular bookmakers will offer very high odds for the weaker team. Bookmakers seek to get the highest possible profit, making players bet high on the under team at the best odds. 
  • The player who wins will receive a huge sum of money. However, placing a Draw bet is also quite profitable. However, betting on these two options is actually not easy.
  •  Ideally players should bet 3 to 5 days in advance from the time the match takes place. Because in this period the Bookmakers rarely touched on the odds. Odd is only changed continuously when the match is coming to the date. Instead of just having one option, a player can make multiple choices at the same time. Because only giving one option makes it easy for players to fall into the bookmakers’ trap. 
  • Should not participate in emotional betting because players can fully predict according to football experts. Be awake and make the right choices! 
  • Players must believe in themselves, not listen to others to place bets. If the player has researched carefully about 1×2 Betting, the match situation is not worried.


Above is the whole knowledge about 1×2 Betting that Ufabetsg wants to send to players. Hope players can make the right choices. At the same time, Bookmakers 1×2 Betting experience will help players come to victory further.